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wirawan wijaya
wirawan wijaya Timme sedan
Auba, Pepe, Laca. Please get better in next season. 5th position.
Faraz Mustafa
Faraz Mustafa 2 timmar sedan
"We let them win" 😅
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
Harry got chubz LOL
AR Gamer
AR Gamer 2 timmar sedan
where was the free kick part which sidemen won are u afraid to show that
Souhitya Sen
Souhitya Sen 2 timmar sedan
Come on bruv! You should know the name of the famous Romanian footballer Gheorghe Hagi!
Soccer Lover
Soccer Lover 2 timmar sedan
Stop FUC***G around you naughty human creation and focus on the transfers. I've heard Sandro Tonali is the next level player available on cheap. Buy him and settle him with Partey.
Ju_ Gold
Ju_ Gold 2 timmar sedan
Pepe went HARD towards the end of the season.
Sports Highlights
Sports Highlights 2 timmar sedan
KronkeOUT ........EkIN
Ju_ Gold
Ju_ Gold 2 timmar sedan
Watching all of these old matches gives me peace.
Benjmin Peter
Benjmin Peter 3 timmar sedan
Armzilla 123
Armzilla 123 3 timmar sedan
This video is something you’d make before someone leaves, hopefully it doesn’t happen
Ju_ Gold
Ju_ Gold 3 timmar sedan
Terry is always slipping 😂😂
Hangry 3 timmar sedan
Fatneek gets the gurls😩
Manu Sidhaarth
Manu Sidhaarth 3 timmar sedan
Can I bowl better than them? They sucks at cricket they chuck the ball instead of bowling a full arm delivery
Tom C-D
Tom C-D 4 timmar sedan
0:51 bit generous with an assist for that
Mwangi Collins
Mwangi Collins 5 timmar sedan
Why does it look like Willian is kinda lonely and left out
Mwangi Collins
Mwangi Collins 5 timmar sedan
He was very active in Chelsea
si kancil
si kancil 5 timmar sedan
This video was made to forget how pathetic arsenal is
si kancil
si kancil 5 timmar sedan
This video was made to forget how pathetic arsenal is
saurabh jadhav
saurabh jadhav 6 timmar sedan
Cricketer can play better football than average arsenal players.
Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen 6 timmar sedan
Khâm phục sự kiên trì và cố gắng của bạn đã đc đền đáp
AHMED HANOOSH 6 timmar sedan
I cried ……. Football died after 2012 in general
Jon 6 timmar sedan
He will be back this season. The guy is class and just needs better players around him.
Carlos NC
Carlos NC 7 timmar sedan
In the following season a Martinelli-Aubameyang-Saka trident would be incredible
24-7 TT Plumbing & Heating
He carried us for 2 seasons has 1 bad a year and every one says he a write off please put some respect on his name . Auba
Boxing finest AJ warrior
He is the nuts bro what a left foot plz shoot shoot shoot my g
Namcha Station
Namcha Station 8 timmar sedan
We are Arsenal
gGuru Official
gGuru Official 9 timmar sedan
You missed his goal against Valencia Europa league semi final
taren longkumer
taren longkumer 10 timmar sedan
I mean like did we all watch the same player? Jeezz.. did he have a great season with goals and assist. Yes he did... But did he play well? Heck No..... He is just a one dimensional player. Easy for the defence to read him,doesn't know how to make runs let alone dribble. He ask for the ball always but doesn't know what to do with it.. ends up passing back and when he tries to dribble.. he just lift his foot does a little swing with his leg and guess what the defender gets the ball😂 such a waste of investment... I don't know what the scouts or the manager saw at that time to even pay 75 mill. Fraud of a player he is... He needs to go.
strxts 11 timmar sedan
9:07 I knew was France straight away because it looks like resistance on mw3
Pierre Martinez
Pierre Martinez 11 timmar sedan
Thierry Henry my favorite player… world class
Mir 11 timmar sedan
Random Empire
Random Empire 11 timmar sedan
Willock should be given a chance as well. Pepe is a Gem!!!
fafa as
fafa as 12 timmar sedan
This guy is better than neymar
Albert Andole
Albert Andole 7 timmar sedan
I am right there with u because apart from dribbling he knows how to harass & win the ball
Koudjo 12 timmar sedan
Harry must have hated being there as a Chelsea fan
Gooner N4
Gooner N4 12 timmar sedan
Nicholas turns into Nichola whenever he scores. What's that all about?
Acnehow 13 timmar sedan
jj finally has gotten on the arsenal channel
Not Covfefe Kpop
Not Covfefe Kpop 13 timmar sedan
All class from this man. I really hope he stays with us
Janio Perez
Janio Perez 14 timmar sedan
Arsenal women’s team were there for the bants
Cesar Beltran
Cesar Beltran 14 timmar sedan
I don’t think people realize that Pepe had a good season BECAUSE of Arteta. You may think he needed to play more but honestly he improved his overall game, and next season will really be his if he keeps up working !
Nani Siswanti
Nani Siswanti 14 timmar sedan
Leah and tierney
Nalaci 14 timmar sedan
Loved Manu's energy 🥰
lungelo uyanda
lungelo uyanda 15 timmar sedan
Loving the use of his weak foot, the boy will torment the Premier League next season.
ken-okoturo mofe
ken-okoturo mofe 15 timmar sedan
Nobody: Arsenal commentators: "AnD eMiRaTeS sTaDiUm GoEs BaLlIsTiC"
Serginio 8 timmar sedan
Dercudez 15 timmar sedan
How does 0:50 count as an assist?
Hugh Murdoch
Hugh Murdoch 16 timmar sedan
Pepe Really come along way that right foot used to be awful now he’s banging with it
ff5wettboss 16 timmar sedan
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Mohamed Sheikh
Mohamed Sheikh 16 timmar sedan
team goals vs leicester is up there
Ash26gg 16 timmar sedan
I feel like Arteta made the mistake of playing him central striker. He needs his place to run.
Chan Lin Kyaw
Chan Lin Kyaw 16 timmar sedan
I miss Mesut and Ramsey
David Gilchrist
David Gilchrist 17 timmar sedan
why aren’t we seeing the shots lol
Wiktor HD
Wiktor HD 17 timmar sedan
I was at that Aston Villa game 2019, what an absolutey electric atmosphere it was after the 3-2 goal. I love my club and will always to it. COYG!!!!!. Hope Auba will be back to the best form and score many more goals for Arsenal.
James Pace
James Pace 18 timmar sedan
can't wait to see this man back at his best
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 18 timmar sedan
Pierre Emerrick Aubameyang good man good footballer of our team Arsenal a real guner hughs and regretas from 🇧🇴 Bolivia La Paz city for the gooners and goonerettes we most still love believe and support at our footballistical institution Arsenal
ExecutioneR 18 timmar sedan
Arsenal YT be like: We don't have enough auba goals to put an all goals video like saka and pepe Let's go for all time best goals from auba😂😂
Elusive Honey
Elusive Honey 18 timmar sedan
As a Colorado I watched it and really wasn't sad cause I knew this was gonna happen
Dick Truesay
Dick Truesay 18 timmar sedan
He really was so deadly
Mikey Mike
Mikey Mike 18 timmar sedan
Arteta is a mole I swear. How he kept benching this guy I’ll never know
Teddy Daddy
Teddy Daddy 18 timmar sedan
Pepe what a legend ❗️❗️❗️😆😁😎
Anvay Sharma
Anvay Sharma 19 timmar sedan
The most important thing next season is aubameyang scoring again not the signings not the manager or defense it's him
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 19 timmar sedan
Great striker
DoubleA Gaming
DoubleA Gaming 19 timmar sedan
Do a TOP 10 video of times Aubameyand actually linked play
foday david mansaray
foday david mansaray 19 timmar sedan
He is not the committed player I use to know he knows better than being a nuisance
maxwell thompson
maxwell thompson 20 timmar sedan
Sign players
Tim Busenlechner
Tim Busenlechner 20 timmar sedan
That one in Austria means something where you go to look for jobs
eXplicitn 20 timmar sedan
Manu's personality is so much fun
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara 20 timmar sedan
love how JJ called them the Arsenal team and the subtitles add “women’s” team
전종원 20 timmar sedan
I'm surprised he actually managed to score more than 10 tbh
mark jeffers
mark jeffers 20 timmar sedan
God when he's good he's good just hope his heads right for the next season and we get like 8 players of good quality in too we need them ....too many average players at the club
Cpt. Martin Walker
Cpt. Martin Walker 20 timmar sedan
2:25:- Commentator says Pierre-Emerick Aubame"yong" 😂😂 Jokes aside, I really hope he comes back to his lethal form next season. COYG 🔴⚪🔴⚪
ASB 4 21 timme sedan
Is that Ollie ball at 2:45
Charlie Gauvin
Charlie Gauvin 21 timme sedan
Nothing but bad associations from that Olympiacos overhead. Like others in the comments hoping we see Auba back to his best this season, lord knows we need him.
A I 21 timme sedan
How did that first goal Vs Valencia not make it?! Wow
Richard Vallejo Garcia
Richard Vallejo Garcia 21 timme sedan
"Cometh the hour , Cometh the man" my favorite goal and commentary. Love this man.
Armzilla 123
Armzilla 123 3 timmar sedan
Then we bottled it
Kristof Arvay
Kristof Arvay 21 timme sedan
Playing him on the left wing all the time was such a waste of his talent. Just put him in CF position and watch him score goals
Adetunberu Adelegan
Adetunberu Adelegan 21 timme sedan
The free-kick is cool 😎
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra 21 timme sedan
Either use a counter-attacking system to accommodate his playing style, or move him back to left wing and sign a taller CF with Lacazette's abilities in tight spaces/ hold-up play. Starting both Aubameyang and Lacazette together in our current system makes inconsistent results, because it doesn't utilize Aubameyang's pace well
Talingping 21 timme sedan
Kroenke out get out
Jamuna Bose
Jamuna Bose 21 timme sedan
My captain will come back better than ever, bookmark this!!!!
Lee Gunner Exposed
Lee Gunner Exposed 21 timme sedan
Aubameyang will be back next season trust.