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Head behind the scenes as we welcomed fans back to the Emirates Stadium for the final match of the 2020/21 Premier League campaign.

We secured all three points thanks to two goals from the impressive Nicolas Pepe, and said a sad farewell to David Luiz, who will leave the club this summer.

Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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25 maj 2021



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Arsenal 17 dagar sedan
Fans back in the stadium ♥️ We missed you!
Fouad Mustapha
Fouad Mustapha 17 dagar sedan
Announce Beundia Grealish Bissouma Tareq Lamepty
Kawuma Mesach
Kawuma Mesach 17 dagar sedan
Then win trophies
Azraf Chowdhury
Azraf Chowdhury 17 dagar sedan
Announce Bissouma and Buendia. Also we didn't miss you as you have let us down but we will always love Arsenal
Röbìn Drãgûnöv
Röbìn Drãgûnöv 17 dagar sedan
*Announce Sapawi Rasid*
Trippyplayz 451
Trippyplayz 451 17 dagar sedan
We missed ya too❤️
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 11 dagar sedan
iam a gooner now and always we are the Arsenal
Ejiofor Michael
Ejiofor Michael 15 dagar sedan
I love the Arsenal..no matter what 💛
Steve 15 dagar sedan
Partey 5:33 😂😂
NUQMAN KHAIRY SSC 16 dagar sedan
pepe “next season, im gonna miss you. i totally miss you” 🤣🤣
NUQMAN KHAIRY SSC 16 dagar sedan
Xhaka = Overhated
jake ass smaker
jake ass smaker 16 dagar sedan
Its gunners
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith 16 dagar sedan
Best AAA editing we've seen all season. More next season. better than MOTD highlights
Theodox Dip
Theodox Dip 16 dagar sedan
It's my life's dream to attend a match at the Emirates😭
Mr.SmileyML 17 dagar sedan
I just waiting this club have champion mentalist.. Not a joke team.!!
kevin muinde
kevin muinde 17 dagar sedan
Bissouma walking into his new home..
Li'l Ronnie Joyce
Li'l Ronnie Joyce 17 dagar sedan
KRANKY & ARSTETA OOOOOUT.... we don't want your foreign lame influence!!!
Sm 26
Sm 26 17 dagar sedan
Pepe promised us next season gone be a good one, at the end lol
Gabriel Ambrose
Gabriel Ambrose 17 dagar sedan
first time that Arsenal played like Arsenal in a long time
Mystery & History
Mystery & History 17 dagar sedan
So much class Man, My club❤️❤️❤️❤️.
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee 17 dagar sedan
Thanks Arsenal! Let's do better next season. COYG 🔴⚪️
H 247
H 247 17 dagar sedan
UnknownV 17 dagar sedan
I wonder what they were talking about 6:04
Maestro Martinez
Maestro Martinez 17 dagar sedan
Franchement c'est ce Nicolas Pépé que je veux voir comme il l'était à Lille, qu'il confirme la saison prochaine et ramener Arsenal dans le Top 6 !
Rohan Majumder
Rohan Majumder 17 dagar sedan
Shiro Hige
Shiro Hige 17 dagar sedan
R.I.P. Claude
Arsenalfan FN
Arsenalfan FN 17 dagar sedan
Well played
Eshaa Afraz
Eshaa Afraz 17 dagar sedan
Around 7:00 you could see Emile Smith-Rowe smiling 🥺
UnknownV 17 dagar sedan
A rare sight
xAce99x 17 dagar sedan
We need a team of strikers, I only care about us scoring more goals than the other team, to hell with formations, just play attacking football
xAce99x 17 dagar sedan
Total waste of time winning now, we needed to beat Villarael and we messed up
David Tollisen
David Tollisen 17 dagar sedan
No more Ødegaard. Sad for Arsenal.
Sei Lun
Sei Lun 17 dagar sedan
The way Pepe ran away after interview was like: im not gonna speak again😅
Jay J
Jay J 17 dagar sedan
Odegaard's quality is obvious. With him and Emile, they are Arsenal's two main creative players. Arsenal need to try to keep him. Whether Mikel Arteta wants him to stay, permanently - (and whether Real Madrid will let him leave) ... Remains to be seen. But, first, Arteta must make clear that he wants Odegaard. But, it does not seem he wants to. That would be a mistake.
kelvera88 chief
kelvera88 chief 17 dagar sedan
This is was awesome
Tragon 17 dagar sedan
6:05 What did Auba and Pepe discuss about???
M. Sami
M. Sami 17 dagar sedan
We sold Ozil to get Odegard, we are 8th in the league, we got knocked out by a nobody team in europa league,both our number 9 combined scored less than Harry Kane in one season, shut down this channel please till things get better
apikapik 17 dagar sedan
4-3-3 wiliam/pepe, lacazet, Aubameyang
Zack Zaki
Zack Zaki 17 dagar sedan
Top 4 and one trophy should be enough for next season, slowly rebuild, COYG 🔥🔥
Chee Leong Kee
Chee Leong Kee 17 dagar sedan
Pls secure #11 odergard if Arsenal want to challenge top 4 position next season.
Anderson 17 dagar sedan
You lot got paid actor in the beginning nice 👍🏾😭😭😭😭
Omar Reeves
Omar Reeves 17 dagar sedan
Up up up Arsenal
John Cassidy
John Cassidy 17 dagar sedan
Pepe is a Player
FrostyMusic 17 dagar sedan
Xhaka needs to leave our club.
sam ana
sam ana 17 dagar sedan
Bad season for Arsenal..
O H 17 dagar sedan
Was so good to be there back in the stadium. Big summer. Roll on next season 🔴⚪
YOIKI STUDIO 17 dagar sedan
HOW PASSIONATE THEY PLAY IN FRONT OF FANS!!! this is arsenal i love!
Official_Vk 17 dagar sedan
I'm still angry about the Europa League semis false 9🤦‍♂️
AFC BPAL 17 dagar sedan
At the end 7:30 Pepe said "next season i promise you i will talk to you"😂 He barely does interviews
No ufo here
No ufo here 17 dagar sedan
1:48 Bissouma ☺️
Vakaba Bamba
Vakaba Bamba 17 dagar sedan
Je ne comprends pas anglais 😭
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 17 dagar sedan
5:25 RIP Claude
GolfingGooner 17 dagar sedan
Players look so happy at the end there...... of one of the worst seasons in Arsenal history. Big Mentality shift needed at this club.
Brown Iverson
Brown Iverson 17 dagar sedan
Sell bellerin
Jamaal Antz
Jamaal Antz 17 dagar sedan
klm, now Kroenke out!
Will Usher
Will Usher 17 dagar sedan
RIP Claude and everyone else who lost their lives ☝🏼❤️
a a
a a 17 dagar sedan
we will win next season league title
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey 17 dagar sedan
Didn’t Gabriel loose a tooth 😂
Muh Adhy
Muh Adhy 17 dagar sedan
Thomas be like vieira 👍👍
Muh Adhy
Muh Adhy 17 dagar sedan
We just need creative mid & DM,, and than auba,saka,nico will score goal.
Juliann Ramos
Juliann Ramos 17 dagar sedan
Chambers my right back...
Taiwo Oladipo
Taiwo Oladipo 17 dagar sedan
The game footage camera work was exceptional.
theanonymousguy16 17 dagar sedan
😂 whys pepe always bending his head when he celebrates
Official_hamzz9 17 dagar sedan
Yh a rebuild
Jake Goodyear
Jake Goodyear 17 dagar sedan
That tackle from xhaka to setup pepes goal is underrated and not talked about enough
Blimbing IK
Blimbing IK 17 dagar sedan
I hope Xhaka stays with us
Blimbing IK
Blimbing IK 17 dagar sedan
Xhaka gets better at defense recently. And hes a true leader as well, and thats essential to our team bcs we lack leadership on and off the pitch. Xhaka, also KT, can play that role
Supreme 6lvck Hippie
Supreme 6lvck Hippie 17 dagar sedan
S Shah AFC
S Shah AFC 17 dagar sedan
Ødegaard was amazing this match. I hope he can stay with us
Clive Palmer
Clive Palmer 17 dagar sedan
That Bissouma chap looks good 😁🤔😂
Azraf Chowdhury
Azraf Chowdhury 17 dagar sedan
No matter how tough and angry you make me feel Arsenal, Us fans will always love you❤️❤️😍😍
Vincent Ong
Vincent Ong 17 dagar sedan
1:49 you trying to tell us something we don't know ;)
Wayne-king 17 dagar sedan
Love arsenal but hate how toxic our fans are
Outlaw Cheese
Outlaw Cheese 17 dagar sedan
We don’t have toxic fans we just have delusional ones
FictionalAlarm 17 dagar sedan
Great video! Would have loved to have it without the music so I could hear the fans more clearly. It makes such a difference to have the fan cheers and reactions.
Jack Chris
Jack Chris 17 dagar sedan
What was pepe and auba looking for
Jensen Anderson
Jensen Anderson 17 dagar sedan
5:00 Can anyone tell me what song is it?
Gunners. forever
Gunners. forever 17 dagar sedan
Kroenke out
VEVO JAVA 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal di EPL Continuously lol, there's no good, it's getting worse and worse here, Fly Emirates should withdraw its investment so that Arsenal management realize
-ᄉ- 17 dagar sedan
VEVO JAVA 17 dagar sedan
Arteta the joke 🤡 in EPL, it's useless good players but coaches like Arteta are still used when they can win 🥱 f * ck Arsenal management
Eyoule Eyoule
Eyoule Eyoule 17 dagar sedan
We need a new coach and new players
Wavhothe Masindi
Wavhothe Masindi 17 dagar sedan
I hope Agent Pepe has convinced him to join
CHENG KAI JUN 17 dagar sedan
For real I’m disappointed when Arsenal are out of conference league but as an Arsenal fan I will always support this club till I die!!!! COYG
SkytorRush 17 dagar sedan
David Luiz, you served our club well! GL on the next stage of your carrier!
Tamagon Bagel
Tamagon Bagel 17 dagar sedan
This is the wholesomeness I need to make it through the summer
Mr.DorkSider 17 dagar sedan
Which players would be most likely to join Arsenal this transfer window in your opinion guys?
UnknownV 17 dagar sedan
Don't listen to that guy. Bissouma and Buendia are likely to join. Other than that I don't know.
BTK 17 dagar sedan
Hardest job in the world:Being an arsenal fan😔😔...still love this team though❤️❤️❤️
Mads Lund Hansen
Mads Lund Hansen 17 dagar sedan
5:27 Claude❤️
Yu Ricky
Yu Ricky 17 dagar sedan
Pepe is on Loan, each payment will unlock his ability and power.
IZZI 12-2
IZZI 12-2 17 dagar sedan
Underrated comment
Arjab Sarkar
Arjab Sarkar 17 dagar sedan
Arya Karkera
Arya Karkera 17 dagar sedan
Brian_OR97 17 dagar sedan
imagine waiting months to have fans back in the stadium and then making an AAA vid with background music that overpowers the fans.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 17 dagar sedan
Bissouma getting owned in these clips 🤔
Raki Taye
Raki Taye 17 dagar sedan
💪💪💪💪💪 my love arsenal
cute cat shorts✔️
cute cat shorts✔️ 17 dagar sedan
I might get a lot of criticism but I think our team is a proper team for top four. The energy and the drive of young Emile after his introduction has made us play proper attacking football. Brighton are a team that always hurt arsenal but see how we dealt with their team. If Emile was introduced and we started to play 4 at the back a bit earlier, we might have easily got top four. Var has played it's part and I have to say if we just buy a RB, a backup LB, a bit creative mid we might get top four for sure. Trust me our team is good technically. Let's hope for a great season next
Edvard Tierney
Edvard Tierney 17 dagar sedan
Why the Music? Really enjoy the part where you can here the players
wilsonhodge71 17 dagar sedan
Was thinking the same thing, especially as it was the first PL match with fans, seemed pointless to have music. Bad decision.
Sondrrw 17 dagar sedan
Table since Boxing Day: 1. Man City (63 points) 2. Man United (48 points) 3. Arsenal (47 points)
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 17 dagar sedan
@Sondrrw If I had a penny for every time I hear such statement at the end of a season, I would probably be listed forbes.
T C 17 dagar sedan
@Sondrrw We always perform when we have no pressure mate... It's a sad fact. We always do well at the end of the season
Sondrrw 17 dagar sedan
@Harrison Rob True that, but there is hope for next season
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 17 dagar sedan
Too little too late
t_mulla 630
t_mulla 630 17 dagar sedan
Pepe speaking English for once want to see some post match interviews of him speaking english next season
Mesaka Putea
Mesaka Putea 17 dagar sedan
We're inconsistent all season. Coz, we're missing out of European competition! 😭
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead 17 dagar sedan
Kroenke out
ssyn 17 dagar sedan
Good bye.. luis😢
James Hall
James Hall 17 dagar sedan
What did Pepe say at the end?
kai ming
kai ming 16 dagar sedan
Holy Msson
Holy Msson 17 dagar sedan
No matter how mad I am towards you, I still love ❤️ and I want you to improve Just the same way ↕️ I want to improve, Arsenal my love ❤️
2pac 17 dagar sedan
XHAKA was in the premier league season team
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 17 dagar sedan
Deservedly so
salek hossain
salek hossain 17 dagar sedan
Next season is going to be fire.
Bethanie Stauffer
Bethanie Stauffer 17 dagar sedan
can we *please* have an in focus vid for xhaka this time? I'm begging bruh
Ivan 17 dagar sedan
Anoyne understand what Pepe said at 7:32 ? :D
kai ming
kai ming 16 dagar sedan
Next season I promise you, I talk english
Viktoras Baracevičius
Viktoras Baracevičius 17 dagar sedan
"Next season I promise you..." The remaining part I didn't get 😀
Arya Karkera
Arya Karkera 17 dagar sedan
I was watching Bissouma keenly and tbh Bissouma was having really hard time dealing with Arsenal midfielders.
Blimbing IK
Blimbing IK 17 dagar sedan
@Harrison Rob thats true, mate. Xhaka is good at defense and visionary. Hes a true leader on the pitch as well. I do hope he stays with us
To this DAY!!!
To this DAY!!! 17 dagar sedan
@Harrison Rob exactly right my brother
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 17 dagar sedan
Exactly. Xhaka and Partey bossed that midfield, Xhaka especially in the defensive role. But that will not register with a lot of these clueless fans that are currently on the Bissouma bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, Bissouma is a very good midfielder but to me he will just be another first season Torriera if we sign him . I think there's a lot of toxicity in this fanbase that most of them no longer know how to appreciate what we have. Sad.
Sam Rowbotham
Sam Rowbotham 17 dagar sedan
Arteta does not know what he is doing. Kroenke out because next season will be worse.
Warren Meekdreezy
Warren Meekdreezy 17 dagar sedan
Did I just see bissouma waving at arsenal funs😂😂😂
Puguh Mimo
Puguh Mimo 17 dagar sedan
Lets win premier league next season.. Come on gunners
Outlaw Cheese
Outlaw Cheese 17 dagar sedan
Taf Turaz
Taf Turaz 17 dagar sedan
Martin Ødegaard we need to sign him permanently 😍🇸🇯
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