HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal vs Crystal Palace (9-0) | Montemurro signs off in style! 

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Joe Montemurro’s final game as head coach will certainly go down as a memorable one, as we beat Crystal Palace 9-0 to finish our season and reach the quarter-finals of the Vitality Women’s FA Cup.

Our head coach will depart north London with an outstanding record of 85 wins in 108 games - and this was yet another thrilling attacking performance that we’ve come to expect during his time at the club.

There was plenty of positive news in our starting XI too, as Steph Catley made her first start since returning from injury, while Anna Patten was included at the heart of our defence.

We made a fast start at Meadow Park and took the lead after just six minutes. Jordan Nobbs received the ball with her back to goal and beat her marker with an improvised flick, forcing a foul from the defender and winning a penalty. Kim Little stepped up and made no mistake in finding the bottom corner.

Chloe Morgan then went on to make a number of impressive saves, denying Caitlin Foord and Nobbs, before Beth Mead broke free down the right wing and fired back across the keeper to double our advantage.

Danielle van de Donk made it three with just seconds remaining of the first half, applying the finishing touch to a slick counter-attacking move.

We stepped things up a gear in the second half too and after a fortunate bounce on the edge of the area, the ball dropped to Noelle Maritz who unleashed a powerful strike into the bottom corner for her first Arsenal goal.

Nobbs made it five with a thumping finish following some fine footwork from Foord, before the substitutes combined as Vivianne Miedema latched on to Jill Roord’s delivery to head home at the far post.

As we approached the final five minutes we could have easily dropped off and maintained possession without purpose, but that’s never been the Montemurro way.

After announcing her departure to Wolfsburg last week, Roord put her name on the scoresheet as an Arsenal player just one last time, firing home from close range, before Maritz scored her second of the afternoon, applying the all-important touch at the end of a smart team move.

We weren’t done there, though, and with just seconds remaining, Katie McCabe stood over a free-kick from 20 yards and rifled the ball into the bottom corner.

It was an outstanding team performance from start to finish - and the perfect send off for our head coach.

Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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18 maj 2021



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Al 2
Al 2 18 dagar sedan
Hearing that terrible goal music once is already aggravating, but for those CP girls to hear that 9 times? Lmao
オカオトコIan 19 dagar sedan
Hey Mr DJ - no comp on de replay: just change the freakin' music for frog's sake. Instead of the terminally annoying 'Tom Hark' after every goal, how about a bit of variety, eh? Maybe chime in with 'Mouldy Ol' Dough' sometimes and 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep' for a second alternative. lol. You wouldn't ever want to score for this team, if you knew it meant 'Tom Hark'. It would drive a woman mad ...or make her flee the country to Germany ...or maybe start her own team entirely, in Holland, so she had control over the goal music. Learn the lesson, Arsenal. Change your tune!
Loz R
Loz R 19 dagar sedan
That music tho 😂😂
Papai Datta
Papai Datta 21 dag sedan
Zuhairi Suhaimi
Zuhairi Suhaimi 21 dag sedan
Music was crackinggg
Zuhairi Suhaimi
Zuhairi Suhaimi 21 dag sedan
Menang 3-0 .. dh la ini 9-0 kene titik member ... Aduhhhhh kesian
Caleba H.tlangte
Caleba H.tlangte 21 dag sedan
We should let our women play in epl instead of our boys..😂😂
Biang Tung
Biang Tung 22 dagar sedan
This Women's team should exchange with the Men's team.
louis alt account
louis alt account 11 dagar sedan
They would get thrashed by sheffield united
Fut⚽Sojas 22 dagar sedan
Crystal are getting nailed by Arsenal both sides😂😂
Rich Weed Vlogs
Rich Weed Vlogs 22 dagar sedan
Go lady keeps the winning up
big zubber
big zubber 22 dagar sedan
I’d average 38 goals a game no assists 1 vs 11
John Zee
John Zee 22 dagar sedan
Womans football is so bad even the hilights are hard to watch, could only watch for 1 minute. Womans defending is non existent and pure comedy, and dont get me started on woman goalkeepers, might as well have cardboard cut outs in goal.
Shyama Sree
Shyama Sree 22 dagar sedan
What's that noise behind every goal?? 😅😅😅
Yasir 22 dagar sedan
geeeeez 9 nil
Di wyine on the beat
Di wyine on the beat 23 dagar sedan
Rukhana runo totoo
Ronak Ageed
Ronak Ageed 23 dagar sedan
Sardor Shavkiev
Sardor Shavkiev 23 dagar sedan
Surya Adi Candra
Surya Adi Candra 23 dagar sedan
Kasian kipernya woyyy 😂😂😂
Esther Okure
Esther Okure 23 dagar sedan
The only thing those Palace women did well throughout the match, was to kick the ball out of the net after every goal
ihsannudin Payehali TV
ihsannudin Payehali TV 23 dagar sedan
Finally arsenal release the highlight as requested
R Redmi
R Redmi 23 dagar sedan
ibanda ivan
ibanda ivan 23 dagar sedan
4:59 I didnt know Tierney played for the women as well.. LoL
DeBuDDi 23 dagar sedan
wow 9-0 goals, sad palace
Samuel Mwamburi
Samuel Mwamburi 23 dagar sedan
Crystal Palace's defense is literally non-existent.
Levis Mase
Levis Mase 23 dagar sedan
Udaco 23 dagar sedan
Who came out with that music for every goal score? It likes we were playing in the funfair ground.
Muzeyi Yelyen
Muzeyi Yelyen 23 dagar sedan
Has there ever been an arsenal tournament like between the men's team, women's team, and the under 23s, 18s just for fun? Would be cool to have one.
TheKenyanSavage 23 dagar sedan
Is this even legal
lX_BOOM STICK_Xl 23 dagar sedan
Really good defending tutorial from Crystal Palace 👍😊
James Shone
James Shone 23 dagar sedan
Well to be fair crystal Palace did get done in by a bunch of 50 year overweight men
Dedy Rustandi
Dedy Rustandi 23 dagar sedan
Eta Neng Vivianne kunaon siga kirang Fit? Nuju cidera sugan? Pemaen favorit Neng Vivianne mah... Mantaap... Nuhun kanggo sadaya pemaen.. hade pisan maen bola na... Ajiib... Go Gunners..
Sam Sky
Sam Sky 23 dagar sedan
New kits to Big Win! cool~
Sajid Rasheed Baloch
Sajid Rasheed Baloch 24 dagar sedan
Great win big lead... where is arteta :( why we are in number 8?
Thapan Roy
Thapan Roy 24 dagar sedan
Van de donk.. please stay. ♥️
illmatic 24 dagar sedan
Was kinda feeling sorry the Palace girls..
alex Freakie
alex Freakie 24 dagar sedan
Arsenal Men's team is so hopeless that they have to post women team now
Silenced Demolisher
Silenced Demolisher 24 dagar sedan
Wow, the women are better then the men
First born DIINKA
First born DIINKA 24 dagar sedan
They don't even Celebrate scoring goals and then there same men's who celebrate scoring an equaliser The difference is unique
sneakygypsy23 24 dagar sedan
they don’t even look excited to score half the time 😂 they are just that good
ebonyloveivory 23 dagar sedan
I mean after the 4th one it is like why keep score??? Lmaoooo😄😂
Anonymous gaming
Anonymous gaming 24 dagar sedan
yesssss go ladies
MRF 24 dagar sedan
The new jersey looks like a dry shamwow lol
Black Rhino
Black Rhino 24 dagar sedan
Man that tune is like there`s ice cream truck anthem 🤣🤣🤣
King Auba
King Auba 24 dagar sedan
that is some of the worst defending ive ever seen. like 5 goals inside the 6 yard box? what a mess.
Arsenal FC
Arsenal FC 24 dagar sedan
What happened to miedema?? Good lord she is playing too many times outside the box why isnt she plying in het favorite number 9 position.. she doesnt score that many goals anymore..
Ijr.10 Zizou
Ijr.10 Zizou 24 dagar sedan
The 14 from palace was a bit their weak link to be honest
Kevin UK
Kevin UK 24 dagar sedan
Hope the male team can replicate this tomorrow
Steve Moran
Steve Moran 24 dagar sedan
Low quality rubbish.
Aran Bhangal
Aran Bhangal 24 dagar sedan
Congratulations on securing CL football ladies
Steve Bradley
Steve Bradley 24 dagar sedan
Why only one camera? Seriously when a player trips on his shoe laces, in the premier league, you get 2 thousand angles and it zooms in so close you can see his DNA. Surely they can fork out for a couple more cameras. The slow motion was terrible as well. Don’t even have the score in the corner of the screen.
Madu Danstar
Madu Danstar 24 dagar sedan
Nice way to honor our new jersey 👌
Rachael Ibifuro
Rachael Ibifuro 24 dagar sedan
Weldon Girls
Blessed Native
Blessed Native 24 dagar sedan
Why use one angle camera ... This is not fair ?
Kevin Rasmussen
Kevin Rasmussen 24 dagar sedan
Can we please get that track to the emirates XD
stephen manyara
stephen manyara 24 dagar sedan
Our women team is so serious I wish our men were
YB munashe
YB munashe 24 dagar sedan
i wonder what the arsenal women fans think about kroenke
Big K
Big K 24 dagar sedan
Least the ladies are doing the job. Well done👏
Röbìn Drãgûnöv
Röbìn Drãgûnöv 24 dagar sedan
*Thank You Joe Montemurro* Fantastic coach.. great person..
Olivia Walker
Olivia Walker 24 dagar sedan
Miedama reminds me of haaland
Sticky Kitty
Sticky Kitty 24 dagar sedan
Come play for the men’s team please
jk akiiki.
jk akiiki. 24 dagar sedan
Arsenal ladies can humiliate
Chef Arnab
Chef Arnab 24 dagar sedan
Gunners Women are on 🔥 Fire 🔥
Dominic Clarke
Dominic Clarke 24 dagar sedan
We smashed palce the new away kit is horrible just ashame the men's team is not very good at the moment.
Saw Hotz
Saw Hotz 24 dagar sedan
A perfect team, free flowing attack, resilient defence, routined set-pieces, clinical finishers, winning mentality, Joe has undoubtedly done a remarkable job. Certainly will keep his place in our history books for a long long time.
Biko Makaula
Biko Makaula 24 dagar sedan
The music is funny 😂😂😂
Threets Aderex
Threets Aderex 24 dagar sedan
Hopefully the men plays like this against crystal palace!
Susan Hughs
Susan Hughs 24 dagar sedan
arsenal, Fc. Ladies F.A.Cup, 2021, Was I The Only Person To Notice That Arsenal NEVER Got A Single Mention In The Uk Press And Media Not Once, All Though The Weekend,!!!!!?????? And Yet The Sky TV And The Bolshilvic Broadcasting Communist, ( BBC,) Could Only Mention The Chelsik Garbage losing In The Champions League, To Arss-alona, And This Has Been Getting Worse For Year's, Especially On Match Of The Day, ( Totenham Tosser Linker Trud, Is The Men's Team Winn We Get About 6 Minutes, If We're Lucky, But If We, "(Arsenal Lose,) Because Of A Blind Referee, They Show All Most The Hole Match, Every Painful Minute, So The Linker Turd Can Glote,. Like The Totenham Tosser. he Is,. I.T. V. NEVER Mention Arsenal, This Is Leftover From The 1970's The Sunday Big Match, Bryon More, A West Ham United Supporter, 1975,?????? West Ham United 0, Arsenal Fc 6,. At Uptem Park,.
Enock Sadiki
Enock Sadiki 24 dagar sedan
They deserve to play in the Emirates Stadium!!!!!!!!!!!
Olajide Sehinde
Olajide Sehinde 24 dagar sedan
It is the music for me 🤣
Kenzo Kwansa
Kenzo Kwansa 24 dagar sedan
Yellow shorts are ugly on yellow top I hope it was only because of the color clash with Palace that they had to wear it. I'm not having an all yellow outfit it's ugly
Kenzo Kwansa
Kenzo Kwansa 24 dagar sedan
Arsenal women the only english side to have won the Women Champions League 👌🏽
TikTok Of Everything
TikTok Of Everything 24 dagar sedan
If only the male team was as relentless in attack as our women are...
sadiq theo g
sadiq theo g 24 dagar sedan
When the MEN cannot do it.😄
Sadia Islam
Sadia Islam 24 dagar sedan
Van de donk's goal is the definition of top corner
Ekene Benco Okeke
Ekene Benco Okeke 24 dagar sedan
Hope the men are watching this game.. Nice one Arsenal ladies
Youngsean Murda
Youngsean Murda 24 dagar sedan
These women are one of the reasons I won’t stop supporting Arsenal❤️🔴⚪️
Talingping 24 dagar sedan
Love you gunner girl
Little B
Little B 24 dagar sedan
9-0 ... It is good to know that Arsenal is properly super in the super league. *FA Women's Super League*
Michelle Spencer
Michelle Spencer 24 dagar sedan
What’s Arsenal women’s goal song
Nabil_Arsenal&Coffee 24 dagar sedan
Arsenal women > Arsenal men
Pavithran Thegaraj
Pavithran Thegaraj 24 dagar sedan
Fifa beginner mode activated
Nicolás López
Nicolás López 24 dagar sedan
I wanna give props to Crystal Palace GK, she did and amazing job and save them from some incredible goals. Without her, easily could've been more than 15 goals. Also Lisa Evans can be a great announcer!
John Zee
John Zee 22 dagar sedan
Put a man in gaols and none of these shots are going in.
Aditya Rachman
Aditya Rachman 24 dagar sedan
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 24 dagar sedan
Is that Lisa Evans announcing the Goal scorers?
It’s Umanshi
It’s Umanshi 24 dagar sedan
LesPaulerYes 24 dagar sedan
The highlights videos are always so long for this team... Great job!
Jhesley Meira
Jhesley Meira 24 dagar sedan
t Antonio
t Antonio 25 dagar sedan
I hope the Arsenal men are watching this take notes on how to score goals
Joshua 25 dagar sedan
This wasn't a game.... This was a massacre
Dicky Ramdhan Siswara
Dicky Ramdhan Siswara 25 dagar sedan
Jill Roord farewell
Kazii _
Kazii _ 25 dagar sedan
Really sad Roord is leaving
THE MASTER ACES 25 dagar sedan
The music playing Everytime we scored must've pissed off the palace keeper 😂😅 Imagine having this tune playing everytym a goal went in at a big Final match 😅
khaji keteng
khaji keteng 25 dagar sedan
yang cewek jago, yang cowok cupu
Magic. Mac
Magic. Mac 25 dagar sedan
This all yellow jersey is ugly af
Jan Marcyś
Jan Marcyś 25 dagar sedan
OMG 9-0 nice
Walter Donald
Walter Donald 25 dagar sedan
investing in crypto now is the only big chance of making money
taineu Gangte
taineu Gangte 24 dagar sedan
What is going on here?
Mie Sara
Mie Sara 24 dagar sedan
Am so surprised you guys knows Mr Williams🇱🇷 his news are everywhere how he increases people's profit. I respect him so much.
David Richard
David Richard 24 dagar sedan
i am very grateful to Mr Williams. l got my first cash out 6 days ago all thanks to Williams trading service (WTS).
Alex Williston
Alex Williston 24 dagar sedan
In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.
Reamond David
Reamond David 25 dagar sedan
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
Fut PLAY 25 dagar sedan
mr. Gooner
mr. Gooner 25 dagar sedan
With cannon return😎 i am really proud of them🔴⚪
h10900 25 dagar sedan
i am switching to watch arsenal women team instead
R. 25 dagar sedan
Farewell Joe Montemurro and Jill Roord. Thank you for the memories.
El Diablo
El Diablo 25 dagar sedan
Arsenal women: score 9 goals Meanwhile the men's sitting comfortably at 9 in the EPL..
Joe 25 dagar sedan
If only the male team were as good as the female team
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