🤣 'If I let a goal in can I have concert tickets?' | Arsenal vs Sidemen | Behind the scenes 

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Head behind the scenes as Arsenal (Caitlin Foord, Noelle Maritz, Lia Walti, Manu Zinsberger, Lydia Williams and Ruby Mace) take on Sidemen (KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, Behzinga, TBJZL, Vikkstar123, and W2S) in a penalty shoot-out, crossbar challenge, free-kicks and more!

Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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3 jun 2021



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Faraz Mustafa
Faraz Mustafa Timme sedan
"We let them win" 😅
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
Harry got chubz LOL
AR Gamer
AR Gamer Timme sedan
where was the free kick part which sidemen won are u afraid to show that
Hangry 2 timmar sedan
Fatneek gets the gurls😩
Koudjo 12 timmar sedan
Harry must have hated being there as a Chelsea fan
Acnehow 12 timmar sedan
jj finally has gotten on the arsenal channel
Janio Perez
Janio Perez 13 timmar sedan
Arsenal women’s team were there for the bants
Nalaci 13 timmar sedan
Loved Manu's energy 🥰
David Gilchrist
David Gilchrist 16 timmar sedan
why aren’t we seeing the shots lol
eXplicitn 19 timmar sedan
Manu's personality is so much fun
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara 19 timmar sedan
love how JJ called them the Arsenal team and the subtitles add “women’s” team
Leo V
Leo V 21 timme sedan
Behz is still fat
Jamie Cumming
Jamie Cumming 21 timme sedan
Sidemen channel: makes it dramatic and intense Arsenal channel: who cares we can finish mid table rather than beating these boys
Szillar 22 timmar sedan
banter fc
Lu Xypher
Lu Xypher 22 timmar sedan
Manu kinda bad you know. Idk but my eyes are liking it
Preston Graham
Preston Graham 23 timmar sedan
No wonder JJ scored so much
Trxple 23 timmar sedan
Arsenal player: 'If I let a goal in can I have concert tickets?' KSI: 'Well' Laughs Arsenal player: *I was being serious...*
Fasil Hickling
Fasil Hickling 23 timmar sedan
All I have to say is… Black goalie
Kasaram Muktheshwara
Kasaram Muktheshwara 23 timmar sedan
The sidemen have come so far from their original GTA 5 Days. Proud Af
ShadowXVI Dag sedan
Yummy Food Secrets
Mam W
Mam W Dag sedan
Why does ethan roll up his sleeves still look fat
Pablo Ramirez
Pablo Ramirez Dag sedan
I love how the sidemen make a long video of this and Arsenal comes out with a 3 minute video😂😂
Jonah Rosales
Jonah Rosales Dag sedan
Can’t believe Mace did this video and then transferred to Man City in days...
We want to keep them arsenal fans but Fatneek is the only Gunner fan in the group 😂😂
David Amar
David Amar Dag sedan
Tbf the Sidemen probably gets more money to play football compared to the professional female footballers 🤷‍♂️
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Dag sedan
lit ep.
Niranjan Patankar
Sign tobi you need him
Safwan Dag sedan
Bwst women's team is barcelona
Duncan Buckets
Duncan Buckets Dag sedan
Is it someones birthday? I thought you guys were just playing football, why did ruby bring all that cake?
Graham Broadbelt
If Sidemen are winning shots outside the box... It just shows you how shite Arsenal Ladies are lol
Steezy Kyung
Steezy Kyung Dag sedan
Lord Fatneek > Lord Bendtner
Teow Jun Sen
Teow Jun Sen Dag sedan
Juliana Hilliard
Loved this video from the Sidemen! So glad to see the women’s team make a video with them!!
Sensation 26 1990
Manu and ruby 😩
madgooner Dag sedan
KSI and Manu?
Navy M
Navy M Dag sedan
Harry man why r u in the Arsenal channel?🔵
Richie Akweh
Richie Akweh Dag sedan
Came here to watch Ruby Mace
Ryanoceros Dag sedan
Glad that arsenal have finally found their level, so happy for them!
SmokeScreen Gaming
Arsenal are now my favorite woman’s football team since I don’t know any of the other ones
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Dag sedan
I saw the real sidemen video, and let’s just say this video is not an accurate representation. I’ve seen better Sunday league football
musiclover Dag sedan
tobi black goli
The Shah
The Shah Dag sedan
The sidemen are better than the women. Great job boys.
Earthbender J
Earthbender J Dag sedan
Prawin Dag sedan
i appreciate kon for making the sidemen vids look hella better
John Lewis
John Lewis Dag sedan
mr.clickbait Dag sedan
Whos the player at 2:45
mr.clickbait Dag sedan
Whos the chick numher 14
Arun G
Arun G Dag sedan
All these recent ksi fans don’t even know who he supported growing up lmao
Sameer Swain
Sameer Swain Dag sedan
Black goalie
Rabbit TKO
Rabbit TKO Dag sedan
JJ looks so dissapointed in the intro, i can imagine why 😂
Brian Dag sedan
Fatneek did it
Darren Dimmock
Darren Dimmock Dag sedan
This was actually a great video on the sidemen channel you know, n I'm not even an Arsenal fan but they banged in the video, Ruby Mace though
Kaskan Kaso
Kaskan Kaso Dag sedan
at least the women's team can win something
Chidubem Duruibe
Jesus loves you guys!
Safin Khan
Safin Khan 2 dagar sedan
So what about the mens team?
Safin Khan
Safin Khan 2 dagar sedan
Hey look its fatneek!!!!
Victor Candelaria
Victor Candelaria 2 dagar sedan
Swiiftz_ 16
Swiiftz_ 16 2 dagar sedan
Love to see it
Alex Darnley
Alex Darnley 2 dagar sedan
I feel like the woman might be too good for side men they should of asked the mens team
Alex Darnley
Alex Darnley Dag sedan
@charlief1356 well i'm tired but otherwise fine thanks 👍 are you ok?
charlief1356 Dag sedan
You ok?
Sachbag123 4
Sachbag123 4 2 dagar sedan
POV: the girls scream annoys you
Essence 2 dagar sedan
God 2 dagar sedan
Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack
Banter club, lost to a bunch of youtubers
Masoom Shafi
Masoom Shafi 2 dagar sedan
This is the one rare time the women are acc on the Arsenal yt channel and they're only here because of the Sidemen 😂😂😂.
Cole Does Everything
Cole Does Everything 2 dagar sedan
These videos were amazing
Soul Jaunt
Soul Jaunt 2 dagar sedan
I love Manu
Soul Jaunt
Soul Jaunt 2 dagar sedan
Eating popcorn whilst watching...
salsawi dedjene
salsawi dedjene 2 dagar sedan
how scared could they be to not include the free kicks lol, the sidemen dominated that round
DizZzy 2 dagar sedan
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf 2 dagar sedan
Tyle Seferi
Tyle Seferi 2 dagar sedan
When the sidemen lost the crossbar challenge 😭😭
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname 2 dagar sedan
They let them win with rock papers scissors lol. It was tied.
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname 2 dagar sedan
Sidemen about to bid to buy Arsenal('s womens team).
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname 2 dagar sedan
KSI's laugh makes me happy
Jordan Lopez
Jordan Lopez 2 dagar sedan
Talldado 449
Talldado 449 2 dagar sedan
Where were the freekicks?
Talldado 449
Talldado 449 2 dagar sedan
0:35 Ayo the sky is looking peng you know?
Shahid Dag sedan
Ywah fr the sky 😍
Azad TENKERIAN 2 dagar sedan
The Runnin Bear
The Runnin Bear 2 dagar sedan
The color grading looks so much better than the sidemen one
Rikesh Nagarkoti
Rikesh Nagarkoti 2 dagar sedan
who ever did the title needs to retire as an admin.
Zergler 2 dagar sedan
Cilake! Hidup lagi Sidemen ni?
Devz 3 dagar sedan
Sidemen in an Arsenal Football Club Channel👏🏻
stormtrooper30 3 dagar sedan
Hi Arsenal, How's it going? Fr
AKDUGI 3 dagar sedan
Ruby Mace Looking Good Lol
GODLIKE 3 dagar sedan
I think there gonna be a part 2 with the male arsenal team!!
Joel junior
Joel junior 3 dagar sedan
Stop calling JJ fatneek here, he is now a Lord
Naveen Magapu
Naveen Magapu 3 dagar sedan
Black goalie Tobi on audition for Arsenal FC!
Sorena Matsath
Sorena Matsath 3 dagar sedan
You should sigh the black goalie 😩😂
JP 3 dagar sedan
Now do it with Leno, Pepe,Saka,Laca, Gabriel and Hector
xSampL 3 dagar sedan
As a Chelsea fan this is probably the one and only arsenal video I'll ever watch/like
Zxoids 3 dagar sedan
“We let them win” HAHAHHAHA
zeu xlaught
zeu xlaught Dag sedan
yup basically what happened
Jonathan Films
Jonathan Films 3 dagar sedan
Just sign tobi as your keeper yeh👀😂
ashley dunn
ashley dunn 3 dagar sedan
I first thought saint maxima got transferred to asernal
nimas 3 dagar sedan
glad to see JJ on the Arsenal channel, must've meant a lot for him. also Tobi wow, he was a champ in this one
Asfand yar khan
Asfand yar khan 3 dagar sedan
Sign tobi
Crying Bruno Penandes
Crying Bruno Penandes 3 dagar sedan
They were so fun all the lads loved it we need more
Bruvfessor 3 dagar sedan
Well let's just hope that next season Watford didn't finish above Arsenal.
Lit G
Lit G 3 dagar sedan
Return of black goalie
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