The best of Alexandre Lacazette | Every Goal and Assist | 2020/21 Highlights 

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Enjoy all 17 goals and 3 assists from Alexandre Lacazette's 2020/21 season.

Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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9 jun 2021



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Reality Always Bullies Opinion
Still lots to offer, always works hard, just needs the right service
si kancil
si kancil 5 timmar sedan
This video was made to forget how pathetic arsenal is
Alfred Obiero
Alfred Obiero 23 timmar sedan
sonobody is talking about cedrics pass
naachï_ ng
naachï_ ng 19 timmar sedan
What a pass
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak Dag sedan
I wonder what our chances of winning the UEL would've been had Lacazette been fit for the first leg, he's a key player in big games!
ian Saliheen
ian Saliheen Dag sedan
Useless.. Top 8..HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bixxi 9
bixxi 9 Dag sedan
Class act Laca!!👌🏾👑
Samu El
Samu El Dag sedan
Most underrated 🙄🙄
Matthews Malatji
I say we give him a new deal and build the midfield behind him. Prioritize RB/CM/CAM
Daniel Shafa
Daniel Shafa 14 timmar sedan
Am Johal
Am Johal 2 dagar sedan
Mr consistent. Imagine how good he'd be if the team were consistent too.
7200 ahs
7200 ahs 2 dagar sedan
If laka was in eurofa semi final The result might have been different
Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan 2 dagar sedan
could we sign alexander isak?
Rebeccah Abosede Ogundiran
I so much like Lacazette's doggedness and ice cold stance before scoring. He's more hard working than Aubameyang
Patrick Amoah
Patrick Amoah 2 dagar sedan
He played lesser games but was brilliant each time.he has never been fully trusted by any of the managers yet but still does his bit. Wenger killed is confidence while playing Sanchez who was going to leave anyways as a striker over him when he was sign to be our main man..Emery didn't read rate him and arterta played nketia over him or benched him in the next game after an impressive performance. If he should pls consistently throughout the season he could be up there with the top scorers every yeah. He never gives up even if we losing..always showing a fight
Talingping 2 dagar sedan
Kroenke out kroenke out
Terry's Tube
Terry's Tube 2 dagar sedan
Islington Gooner born & bred here .... Lacazette is not good enough for the Arsenal, we deserve 2 Strikers that will be helping us challenge for titles , Sell him this summer and his dopey mate Aubameyang along with the below average players stealing a wage at The Arsenal. Players like........ Bernd Leno , Alex Runarsson , Hector Bellerin , Mohamed Elneny , Willian , Reiss Nelson , Eddie Nketiah , Sead Kolasinac , Konstantinos Mavropanos , Lucas Torreira , & Ainsley Maitland-Niles . ALL NOT GOOD ENOUGH !
Naisha Lubega
Naisha Lubega 2 dagar sedan
Plot:Saka and Pepe assisted him the most
Naisha Lubega
Naisha Lubega 2 dagar sedan
Man Lacazette scores beauties
Naisha Lubega
Naisha Lubega 2 dagar sedan
Man that Pepe goal vs Wolves
Kani G
Kani G 2 dagar sedan
Very bad player. Would be playing for a bottom tier team in the PL if not for his exotic name and two season wonder stint at Lyon. Good riddance.
Hugh Murdoch
Hugh Murdoch 2 dagar sedan
Laca’s first touch 😍 also wow he scored a lot of headers for a guy his size this season
Skittles 2 dagar sedan
He is far better than Giroud, in any case. May it be goals or assists or dribbling skills or taking freekicks. Still Giroud gets selected for France starting XI. The world of football is really strange!
Alex 2 dagar sedan
Did you sell him? If not, what is the point of this?
Elvin Thien
Elvin Thien 2 dagar sedan
George's Opinion
George's Opinion 2 dagar sedan
He’s more important than Aubameyang in Arteta’s system
bang depp
bang depp 2 dagar sedan
zizou....pilihan yg tepat untuk arsenal(saat ini).
Vitor Nascimento
Vitor Nascimento 2 dagar sedan
Arsenal Brasil 🦕
Makeouthill 500
Makeouthill 500 2 dagar sedan
dont sell laca arsenal
kecoak 2 dagar sedan
Laca Is Good Forward I Miss Arsenal Have Forward Trieri Henry
O O 2 dagar sedan
contract extension confirmed -_-
Manday Ashraf
Manday Ashraf 2 dagar sedan
Edu out his just a poor technical director. His has also failed to bring in the needed talent to get the team back where it belongs
Cash_money_hy430 Hype
Cash_money_hy430 Hype 2 dagar sedan
In my opinion we should sell Aubameyang because other then his goals what does he contribute to he can’t hold play he tends to be disengaged when nobody gives him the ball he never takes initiative when they don’t find him plus Lacazette with ESR and saka is more dangerous then Auba ESR and Saka why take away that combo
illmatic 2 dagar sedan
If was not injured towards the end we would have made it pass Villarreal and play the UEL final..
RonnieTheDonny :0
RonnieTheDonny :0 2 dagar sedan
Suggestion for Arsenal to post a video of all the goals we scored this season
O O 2 dagar sedan
Where Arsenal put effort 1998: training, matches, finals. Where Arsenal put effort 2021: SElosk, shirt design, kneeling
BANTER CF 2 dagar sedan
what a player. His ability goes so under the radar.
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 2 dagar sedan
Alexandre Lacazette we miss him this leader deserve's renovation of contract go on Arsenal
PesMe B7
PesMe B7 2 dagar sedan
Laca is unique ❤️.. I wish he will stay with us this summer
/./ 2 dagar sedan
same people gassing him didn't vote him first second or third for player of the season man like pepe did better than him apparently especially when you think about how many times laca was unfairly benched to play auba in fraudulent form
Jim N
Jim N 2 dagar sedan
So obvious hes got a new long term deal.
Starcus McR
Starcus McR 2 dagar sedan
New contract incoming......
Martinique Hostel
Martinique Hostel 2 dagar sedan
Remember to buy a big target man this window 🙄
Drkeepup 2 dagar sedan
Cmon please give him another season atleast, he's so important
dara barn
dara barn 2 dagar sedan
who else just thinks that lacazettes pens are just so world class
Daniel Shafa
Daniel Shafa 14 timmar sedan
Even in friendlies
Daniel Shafa
Daniel Shafa 14 timmar sedan
💯% @ Arsenal
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead 2 dagar sedan
Going through the comments UNBELIEVABLE Mainly all reading from the Let’s accept mediocrity manual SMH 🤦‍♂️
Jonathan Fisher
Jonathan Fisher 2 dagar sedan
probably the most underrated player for us the past season
Tan the Music Man
Tan the Music Man 2 dagar sedan
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead 2 dagar sedan
Here’s an idea sell up Kroenke out
1984aok 2 dagar sedan
Kroenke out
Rianne Sterling
Rianne Sterling 2 dagar sedan
He just make me so happy 😊
Mr Ok
Mr Ok 2 dagar sedan
Big game player Scored against Chelsea Scored against spurs Scored against Liverpool Scored against Leicester
Thapan Roy
Thapan Roy 2 dagar sedan
Sell him.
T-Sports 20
T-Sports 20 2 dagar sedan
He could have scored 20+ goals if not for Arteta. He kept dropping him. choosing Willian or Aubameyang over him, when both are not near their previous form.
bixxi 9
bixxi 9 Dag sedan
Nketiah 🤣
Wavhothe Masindi
Wavhothe Masindi 2 dagar sedan
pls sell Aubameyang and let Lacazette lead our young guns upfront. They surely prefer playing with Laca who links up with them and they are always talking good about him, like willock who recently scored and made the Laca celebration to thank him for his support in first team training
Augustine Chibueze
Honestly I support this It's Aubamayang that needs to go, we play better with Lacazette
Petr Moravec
Petr Moravec 2 dagar sedan
Daniel Shafa
Daniel Shafa 14 timmar sedan
I always liked him and had faith that he'd come good
Suri Kibrom
Suri Kibrom 2 dagar sedan
Same I always believed him
Anvay Sharma
Anvay Sharma 2 dagar sedan
Please don't sell him he's great
Doko Subagyo
Doko Subagyo 2 dagar sedan
He has style of a striker with the way he curved and a powerful shot
Arsenal News
Arsenal News 2 dagar sedan
Thank you Laca!
Ivan 2 dagar sedan
those aren't really cool
Ivan 2 dagar sedan
5 dislikes
nandu gopan
nandu gopan 2 dagar sedan
Sell this guy asap
Vaggelis Kete
Vaggelis Kete 2 dagar sedan
He wasn't really good, but he was one of our best players this season. Imagine how much better these numbers would've been if he played instead of Auba who's had a stinker, really
Andrew Bademosi
Andrew Bademosi 2 dagar sedan
Since 2017 that the kse took over they have never invest there own money i don't trust them at all emi as being sold to Aston villa and we need at least two no 10s and 3 central midfielder 2 right backs 1more left back and 1 central forward and a good goalkeeper
Etnik Veselaj 1
Etnik Veselaj 1 2 dagar sedan
Do next Granit Xhaka plsss❤️
Suri Kibrom
Suri Kibrom 2 dagar sedan
@Pixo Matu that’s too nice u mean 15 seconds
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu 2 dagar sedan
That video would be about 30 seconds long
My name -1
My name -1 2 dagar sedan
Good now sell him
จิรายุส จุลปานะ
Lacazette is the most important player for Arsenal as he is the Gunners' top goalscorer from last season.
Favour Jegede
Favour Jegede 2 dagar sedan
Hope this isn't good bye
Mr Ok
Mr Ok 2 dagar sedan
Imagine if Arteta didn’t constantly keep dropping him when he’s on form
Seud Jelal
Seud Jelal Dag sedan
@Tanaka Yes of course you’ll defend Arteta 😂
bixxi 9
bixxi 9 Dag sedan
Arteta benched this man for Nketiah...lol
Mr Ok
Mr Ok 2 dagar sedan
@Rana Pratap did auba take those chances this season? Asking for a friend
Rana Pratap
Rana Pratap 2 dagar sedan
But when you have Aubameyang as the other striker, you gotta take those chances. Nonetheless it was Arsenal's fault to buy both Laca and Auba in 2 successive seasons.
Suri Kibrom
Suri Kibrom 2 dagar sedan
@JoJo would have got this season
Gabriel 2 dagar sedan
We missed him so much at the end of the season...
oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more!
@Pixo Matu after he got injured we still did very good in the prem but we probably would’ve won the el if he wasn’t
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu 2 dagar sedan
@Kami Champ I thought he meant the last games
Kami Champ
Kami Champ 2 dagar sedan
@Pixo Matu villareal?
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu 2 dagar sedan
But we won all our games...?
Umar Darwish
Umar Darwish 2 dagar sedan
Arsenal ⚽⚽
Simply 2 dagar sedan
Love him but time to part ways this window and push balogun and martinelli
Suraj Rai
Suraj Rai 2 dagar sedan
Stop this please we finish 8th this season.
Negash Nurhussien
Negash Nurhussien 2 dagar sedan
If u sell him u might aswell sell the whole team because he's a big player for the team
Negash Nurhussien
Negash Nurhussien 2 dagar sedan
@Harrison Rob ye
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 2 dagar sedan
He is very key to Arsenal's kind of attacking football under Arteta
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 2 dagar sedan
Arsenal's best and most consistent players throughout last season were Saka, Lacazette, ESR and Xhaka. Edit: Tierney too
Khaeci Mario
Khaeci Mario Dag sedan
@Wavhothe Masindi not true
Khaeci Mario
Khaeci Mario Dag sedan
@Skittles you obviously didn't watch this season, Xhaka played LB and still remained consistent, even if you don't want him don't let your bias stop you from seeing the truth
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 2 dagar sedan
@Skittles Xhaka only had two bad games all season against Burnley home and away. That's quite impressive as you can't expect any player to go a whole season without having a couple bad games here and there. Even Messi and Ronaldo have bad games from time to time. Elneny on the other hand did well whenever he was called upon but he hardly featured at all. So I wouldn't rate him as one of the best of the season gone by.
Skittles 2 dagar sedan
Xhaka is not consistent. He is one of the most inconsistent players in the entire squad. In some matches he overperforms, and in some other matches his performance is worth nothing. Instead I would say Elneny was one of the most consistent players and proves himself to be undroppable.
oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more!
@Wavhothe Masindi elneny does a job but if we want to get back to the top he can’t be our option
gefei zhu
gefei zhu 2 dagar sedan
Why arteta don't use Laca at the end of the season?
Daniel Shafa
Daniel Shafa 14 timmar sedan
Yeah, I'd also like to know. His numbers could have been better
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu 2 dagar sedan
Because there is no point in using a player who is going to leave most likely. He'd rather use players like Martinelli and Pepe and Aubameyang who will be here next season. Also, Laca had an injury if that's what you mean.
ir wan
ir wan 2 dagar sedan
Zidan Manafi
Zidan Manafi 2 dagar sedan
love arsenal
AlphaVi3ion 2 dagar sedan
They probably uploaded this cus he’s leaving
Shamar Brown
Shamar Brown 2 dagar sedan
Daniel ek in
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra 2 dagar sedan
He's excellent in tight spaces, link-ups and hold-up play, but he's short, slow and a bit inconsistent. It's not easy to find a CF who can link up well with his teammates and always works hard like him, but we need to find a taller and younger one
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra 2 dagar sedan
@Harrison Rob Yeah he's still our best CF, but it'll be better if we can find a taller CF with his abilities in tight spaces
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 2 dagar sedan
I don't think you can describe Lacazette as slow. Sure he may not be the fastest of the front line but he is definitely not slow. It's just that he is not the type of player that uses pace a lot in his game.
Harsimran Singh
Harsimran Singh 2 dagar sedan
Sell him asap
FEVEN 7 2 dagar sedan
actual player of the season
Daniel Shafa
Daniel Shafa 14 timmar sedan
@Arnav Patnaik Quite true
Arnav Patnaik
Arnav Patnaik 2 dagar sedan
@Wavhothe Masindi yes we know but Laca deserves it equally if not more
Wavhothe Masindi
Wavhothe Masindi 2 dagar sedan
Saka is the player of the season
Jhesley Meira
Jhesley Meira 2 dagar sedan
Lacazette 🙌
Wilson Dezo
Wilson Dezo 2 dagar sedan
17 goals and 3 assists for lacazette in all competitions 15goals and 4 assists for Aubameyang in all competitions 16 goals and 5 assists for pepe in all competitions Absolutely not good enough,Keep Nicolas Pepe and Sell both Aubameyang and lacazette✅
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu 2 dagar sedan
@Wilson Dezo 14 goals isn't actually bad. 14 goals and some assists in around 30 games is a pretty good return for a striker. You can do better, but that's around one every two games.
Wilson Dezo
Wilson Dezo 2 dagar sedan
@Pixo Matu Since lacazette came to Arsenal,tell me how many goals has he scored in each season in premier league,He has fail to score 15goals in each premier league season since he came to Arsenal. His highest goals in epl is 14goals which was his first year. Truth is hard to talk but he is not good enough.
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu 2 dagar sedan
You're forgetting:Lacazette and Aubameyang don't get assists, they're strikers. Also, Lacazette spent a lot of time injured and dropped, and Aubameyang had malaria and other issues. So you're looking at this from the wrong angle.
Ifeanyi promise
Ifeanyi promise 2 dagar sedan
King laca
Natalie Hamilton
Natalie Hamilton 2 dagar sedan
Its absolute bull that he didnt get called up to atleast backup benzema😑😑😑😑
Natalie Hamilton
Natalie Hamilton 2 dagar sedan
@Harrison Rob yeah I know its so unprofessional
Pixo Matu
Pixo Matu 2 dagar sedan
@Harrison Rob Not something against Lacazette, some weird obsession with Giroud
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 2 dagar sedan
I think the Didier Deschamp has something probably personal against Lacazette. It's not about his qualities as a player.
Ifeanyi promise
Ifeanyi promise 2 dagar sedan
Keep this man
Night Owl
Night Owl 2 dagar sedan
Alexander Isak to replace Alexandre Lacazette
YouTube Algorithm breaker
Naah mate not good enough
E3boss2003 2 dagar sedan
Class season from Lacazette 😎
S A M Y 2 dagar sedan
Vernon D'souza
Vernon D'souza 2 dagar sedan
Damn , Arteta has to figure out a way to play Auba and Laca together... They are superb together under Wenger..... Its like having Titi and Wrighty playing together.. (No disrespect to them) Want to see those handshakes every weekend....
Vernon D'souza
Vernon D'souza 2 dagar sedan
@Harrison Rob excellent analysis, but they do thrive together and do feed off each others individual playing styles...Just need the right set up overall from defence to midfield to get the right service
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob 2 dagar sedan
They don't play at the same tempo. Laca thrives on the quick passing, quick movement kind of football to breakdown tight defenses and score, while Auba thrives more on the fast counter attack kind of football where he gets a lot of space to run and take a shot on goal.
Jordan Neaimi
Jordan Neaimi 2 dagar sedan
If he leaves I will b devastated
Daniel Shafa
Daniel Shafa 14 timmar sedan
And so will I
Suri Kibrom
Suri Kibrom 2 dagar sedan
@Lewis no
Lewis 2 dagar sedan
Aubameyang needs to go
Artuta 2 dagar sedan
I think we need aouar
Abrashi 2 dagar sedan
Always love him
Bungozil-7 2 dagar sedan
If Arteta sell lacazette I will never like him again😤never
Ritoban Biswas
Ritoban Biswas 2 dagar sedan
Make a video on Pepe.
Mohammed Al-Halwachi
Mohammed Al-Halwachi 2 dagar sedan
Not good enough for Arsenal sadly
zkauan gødz
zkauan gødz 2 dagar sedan
I love this ARSENAL team so much my life 🇧🇷
Emily Quinn
Emily Quinn 2 dagar sedan
This is his last season get innnnnn 🎉🥳
Mark Gormley
Mark Gormley 2 dagar sedan
Next year this video gonna be 10 mins long 💪🔴⚪
Daniel Shafa
Daniel Shafa 14 timmar sedan
Kami Champ
Kami Champ 2 dagar sedan
Hopefully Arteta actually plays him more though
Aizul Fikri NS
Aizul Fikri NS 3 dagar sedan
Yang mau belajar matematika bisa bantu suport saya makasi semuanya.