The best of Nicolas Pepe | Every Goal and Assist | 2020/21 Highlights 

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Check out the best of Nicolas Pepe, who scored 16 goals and claimed 6 assists during the 2020/21 campaign.

Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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10 jun 2021



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Ju_ Gold
Ju_ Gold 54 minuter sedan
Pepe went HARD towards the end of the season.
Sports Highlights
Sports Highlights 59 minuter sedan
KronkeOUT ........EkIN
Tom C-D
Tom C-D 3 timmar sedan
0:51 bit generous with an assist for that
Boxing finest AJ warrior
He is the nuts bro what a left foot plz shoot shoot shoot my g
taren longkumer
taren longkumer 8 timmar sedan
I mean like did we all watch the same player? Jeezz.. did he have a great season with goals and assist. Yes he did... But did he play well? Heck No..... He is just a one dimensional player. Easy for the defence to read him,doesn't know how to make runs let alone dribble. He ask for the ball always but doesn't know what to do with it.. ends up passing back and when he tries to dribble.. he just lift his foot does a little swing with his leg and guess what the defender gets the ball😂 such a waste of investment... I don't know what the scouts or the manager saw at that time to even pay 75 mill. Fraud of a player he is... He needs to go.
Mir 10 timmar sedan
Random Empire
Random Empire 10 timmar sedan
Willock should be given a chance as well. Pepe is a Gem!!!
fafa as
fafa as 10 timmar sedan
This guy is better than neymar
Albert Andole
Albert Andole 5 timmar sedan
I am right there with u because apart from dribbling he knows how to harass & win the ball
Gooner N4
Gooner N4 11 timmar sedan
Nicholas turns into Nichola whenever he scores. What's that all about?
Cesar Beltran
Cesar Beltran 12 timmar sedan
I don’t think people realize that Pepe had a good season BECAUSE of Arteta. You may think he needed to play more but honestly he improved his overall game, and next season will really be his if he keeps up working !
lungelo uyanda
lungelo uyanda 13 timmar sedan
Loving the use of his weak foot, the boy will torment the Premier League next season.
Dercudez 13 timmar sedan
How does 0:50 count as an assist?
Hugh Murdoch
Hugh Murdoch 14 timmar sedan
Pepe Really come along way that right foot used to be awful now he’s banging with it
Mikey Mike
Mikey Mike 16 timmar sedan
Arteta is a mole I swear. How he kept benching this guy I’ll never know
Teddy Daddy
Teddy Daddy 17 timmar sedan
Pepe what a legend ❗️❗️❗️😆😁😎
MseeF 20 timmar sedan
Now that I think about it; Willock was showing hints of what he did at Newcastle long before he was loaned out. That reminds me of what I said about putting the young players around Pepe; as well as with Auba and Laca too at the front.
W T 21 timme sedan
Daniel EK in, Kroenke out☹
Ben Ham
Ben Ham 21 timme sedan
That goal against wolves was class!
Albert Andole
Albert Andole 5 timmar sedan
jo man
jo man 21 timme sedan
Arsenal is trash, even for that not good enough, 5:00 what is he doing hahaha
Hendrix Nwaokolo
Hendrix Nwaokolo 21 timme sedan
Because of how terrible our season was, Pepe went underappreciated. I wish he cuts off the unnecessary dribbles tho. Can't wait to watch more of him next season
Aaron Davids
Aaron Davids 22 timmar sedan
No news on any signings, typical arsenal leave it to the last minute and pay over prices for an amateur
Aaron Davids
Aaron Davids 22 timmar sedan
Good job they didn’t do a video on how many times he lost possession and fell over the video would take an age to upload
keng chuen wong
keng chuen wong Dag sedan
Yes yes
Kitchen King
Kitchen King Dag sedan
Pepe is good players but arsenal is not a good team. Not at all.
Zander Gooner
Zander Gooner Dag sedan
Only a fool can get carried away from this flop player's last 2 months form. Glad I'm not one of them. Being a Gooner, I'm disappointed with this Joker's performance so far. An injured Walcott performed better than him and we paid £72m fee + £10m Bonus + £36m wages = £118 million for this rubbish player. 😡 Had we signed Buendia, he would've benched this clown Pepe forever.
A S Dag sedan
Post willians highlights on SElosk shorts
Kunal Gupta
Kunal Gupta Dag sedan
He is too inconsistent, poor defensively, looses ball easily and lacks the killer instinct to take Arsenal to next level. Hope I am proven wrong next season.
Kunal Gupta
Kunal Gupta Timme sedan
@Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout #Artetaout as if you are the arsene Wenger.. learn to respect dude..
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout #Artetaout
You know nothing about football
caphusnho Dag sedan
Pepe is special, Arteta better recognise
vivian varun
vivian varun Dag sedan
His target next season should be to impact games against the top teams
ray yun
ray yun Dag sedan
I'm from S.Korea, but he could be better than Son
Adit k.c
Adit k.c Dag sedan
# We need OZIL at arsenal . # OZIL # OZIL . WE NEED OZIL BACK AGAIN ..
Namcha Station
Namcha Station Dag sedan
Pepe Next Star of team
syahrul ramadhan ksr
Arsenal pepe ende best👍👍
Jûñîõř Ğãððãfî
Natumai msimu kesho Pepe atakuwa zaidi ya hivi Pepe pepea💪🏿💪🏿🖤
Fakhput Dag sedan
This season he has shown an improvement hoping for Prime PEPE in the next season! 🔥🔥
Realist Dag sedan
He needs to model Arjen Robben
Realist Dag sedan
That disallowed goal in the FA cup vs Chelsea wouldve been the greatest FA cup goal!
Realist Dag sedan
Unjust hate... just like Wenger, Pires and even Henry received and the price tag being banged on about isnt fair and he is singled out!
x_ Zeath
x_ Zeath Dag sedan
701 empal gentong
Tidur paling enak adalah ketika tidur ngga direncanakan, ngga sengaja tiba-tiba ketiduran :)
AZEL Dag sedan
Next season we want to see a title that says " how grealish, saka and pepe won us the EPL".
Richard Vallejo Garcia
Its crazy, after that Leicester goal where willan doesn't get the assist. You can see a confidence almost over come Pepe. He would hardly celebrate his other goals. But after that one you can see he's arrived now. Hes feeling at home now. You love to see it.
Julian DiGiuseppe
Almost every goal is a masterpiece, he only scores bangers for some reason.
Williams joe
Williams joe Dag sedan
Buy your online ticket for affordable price DM for ticket
Kyl A A
Kyl A A Dag sedan
I’d put him central you know
Labyriiint Dag sedan
That scumbag Farteta ruined his season for no reason, sure Pepe is inconsistent but he is miles better than Willian yet that dumbass bought him and played him instead of Pepe for the first months. Then he would start Pepe again only to bench him again and so on.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed Dag sedan
Player of the season, bad season but still.
John Cassidy
John Cassidy Dag sedan
Pepe is a class act..
ItsGG Plays
ItsGG Plays Dag sedan
Pepe is gonna be brilliant next season mark my words!
Aaron Pedro
Aaron Pedro Dag sedan
Mark my words if he stays fit, he will be our poty next season
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead Dag sedan
Sell up Kroenke your killing our club
Brian Wherry
Brian Wherry Dag sedan
Worth every penny.
Sami Zerdazi
Sami Zerdazi Dag sedan
That goal at 1:20 is underrated. Goal of the season imo
rd raden
rd raden Dag sedan
It seems his performance really based on the installment that we paid 🤣
Rowland Aloriba
Rowland Aloriba 18 timmar sedan
Because our rookie coach decided to play him on installment and preferred William instead for most of the season......😂😂😂😂. When you give a good player a run of games this is what happens but not bench a player after a great performance like Arteta does.
Zyphyr Dag sedan
Absolute poetry how Pepe’s first goal of the season vs Sheffield United is similar to his last goal of the Season vs Brighton 😍
Alpha D.corazon
Alpha D.corazon Dag sedan
serious pepe has a good kick
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge Dag sedan
Our best player last few games of the season
m Mucheru
m Mucheru Dag sedan
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Dag sedan
love how hard he tries to stand up to the challenge in the box, doesn't throw himself to the ground at the slightest touch. First instinct is to get the shot off.
Chef Arnab
Chef Arnab Dag sedan
He is delightful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
komakech michael
Arteta doesn’t see much in this chap and pretty much other wingers like Martinelli and reiss nelson
chuchu amunnadi
chuchu amunnadi Dag sedan
I absolutely have always loved him😭
上記に漂流 Dag sedan
He's clearly worked a lot on his right foot since joining
FleivaSleiva Dag sedan
I hope he plays good enough to start pretty much every game, he can rack up some numbers i reckon.
philip david
philip david Dag sedan
Pepe should play more RS than winger
TRouBle Dag sedan
Let just hope he doesn’t get benched after amazing performance like the whole of last season
JNXHD Dag sedan
Me when I realise pepe's assists and Goals can go on for over 8 mins: 👁👄👁
JEUXolim Dag sedan
What a baller.
SHH Dag sedan
Lack of crowd done him wonders, allowed him to play freely without feeling the pressure of the pricetag
Fazeer Mohammed
Fazeer Mohammed Dag sedan
please do all goals 20/21
Morgan Davies
Morgan Davies Dag sedan
Kroenke Out!
J-Noir Dag sedan
Ok..... Ok..... That goal against Wolves was ridiculous right?
ff5wettboss Dag sedan
............Share the gospel ,repent of your sins and be born again before it is too late, and keep the commandments..... and stop worshipping the wrong thing worship the one and only Jesus,GOD.... share this with all the people you know
sneakygypsy23 Dag sedan
this guy is so good. what a baller
conner mahoney
conner mahoney Dag sedan
Arteta mismanaged this player, 10 goals in 16 starts in the league.... How's he only starting 16 games with no real injuries? Now compare that to a player everyone thinks is amazing but I think is massively overrated Rashford 11 goals in 34 starts 🤣😂
Manoj R
Manoj R 8 timmar sedan
Maybe we could look at it this way too. Pepe could’ve reached this form thanks to Arteta managing him perfectly, by giving him some time to get himself to work on his basics and become mentally ready to perform. It’s not about physicality or injuries alone in football. A lot has to do with psychology too. Anyways coming back to Pepe. He’s in a new country, new language, new culture, food etc. Some people slot in easily, but hey not everyone is the same right? Perfect example could be Dennis Bergkamp. In his second season at Inter, his off-field relationship soured and he was labeled a “flop”. So it’s not all about fitness alone. And Rashford and ManUtd players. Don’t get me started. That’s awfully biased and ridiculous. Saka will be rated on par with Daniel James. My gosh.
conner mahoney
conner mahoney 20 timmar sedan
@Ben Ham Sancho looks like a quality player, but how many players come to England from Germany with a big reputation then just fail miserably.... looks like he's going to United so I'll wait to see him in the premier league before thinking he's top draw
Ben Ham
Ben Ham 21 timme sedan
@conner mahoney No you can’t put Sancho in that group
conner mahoney
conner mahoney Dag sedan
@Wasabi Jones cos he's English they just over hype these players like Rashford, Maguire, Sterling & Sancho.... I mean Sancho looks class but let's not forget he plays in a weak league, judge him in the premier league
Wasabi Jones
Wasabi Jones Dag sedan
was thinking the same thing. watch EA gift Rashford an 87 rating next season while pepe stays 82
Spooksz Dag sedan
Good one Pepe
JusticeOforiSZN Dag sedan
My footballer
screamboy8 Dag sedan
What a talent 💥 Sit down haters ⚡
Melody Tropikal
Melody Tropikal Dag sedan
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Dag sedan
I'm watching this video in my Nico kit. Nice
Ricky App
Ricky App Dag sedan
Pepe on one side Martinelli on the other 🔥
Shamar Dempster
Shamar Dempster Dag sedan
He's gonna make all haters cry even more next season
Jamzor Live Football
Nicoooooo! Absolute baller, next season will be his time to shine for real
จิรายุส จุลปานะ
Pepe having his best season since he moved to Arsenal in 2019. I hope that he will do it like this again next season.
Prabal Deuba
Prabal Deuba Dag sedan
Pepe has got the X factor and our team should trust him and place some responsibility on his shoulder so he performs week in week out and finally announces himself to the premiere league.
Brad Muema
Brad Muema Dag sedan
Announce Buendia and Hakimi🔴⚪️
kaRa Dag sedan
Just Kroenke out! Never more.
Ivan Dag sedan
0:40 for a second I actually thought it was a direct goal
Ilman Maulana
Ilman Maulana Dag sedan
Joe Willock Finishing is so good. He'll be good for Second striker, Ramdeuter, inside forward, and Mezzala
dennis david
dennis david 2 timmar sedan
But he and elneny not good at penalty
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah Dag sedan
Arteta after seeing this - YEAH HE'S GONNA BE BENCHED MORE NEXT SEASON...
Cash_money_hy430 Hype
Drop for Nketiah 😂
HkoVenom Dag sedan
hopefully he gets 20 goals next season
Talingping Dag sedan
Kroenke out get out
Bungozil-7 Dag sedan
Pepe next season will be a monster🌪
Jaden Mohan
Jaden Mohan Dag sedan
Sumptuous ✨
Linn Htet
Linn Htet Dag sedan
All Pepe needs is a little more hunger.
JKarstadt Dag sedan
Need more contribution against top sides next year but showing great signs
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ
Arsenal signed perfect baller midfielders possible back to Champion League 2022-23 soon.
notorious fargo
notorious fargo 2 dagar sedan
Most goals and assists on limited minutes 🤫