Who is your 2020/21 Player of the Season? | Saka, Tierney, Smith Rowe, Lacazette or Pepe? 

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A tough season, but who stood out the most to you?
You can vote for your 2020/21 Player of the Season here:

The choices are:
・Bukayo Saka
・Kieran Tierney
・Emile Smith Rowe
・Alexandre Lacazette
・Nicolas Pepe

Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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27 maj 2021



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TRouBle 3 dagar sedan
Saka or pepe
Divine Healing
Divine Healing 3 dagar sedan
Nicholas is a very bad football player 🙄
Divine Healing
Divine Healing 3 dagar sedan
Lacazette no doubt
Bradley Happe
Bradley Happe 3 dagar sedan
Did anyone else notice that for laca’s goal Pepe almost every single time assisted him or was involved in the build up
Fatihadil 6 dagar sedan
Aubameyang no cap
Thebot 7 dagar sedan
My freind met smith rowe
PlAyBoI GAMER YT 7 dagar sedan
Pepe deserves this one but saka is a close second
Will Lawson
Will Lawson 8 dagar sedan
Elneny idc
LeXxiE Williams
LeXxiE Williams 8 dagar sedan
It's Saka for me.... consistent and awesome to watch🖤
Grace Kathini
Grace Kathini 9 dagar sedan
Lacazette delivered
Omolemo Kgaile
Omolemo Kgaile 9 dagar sedan
How can you not give it to Bukayo.
Mercy Ahmed
Mercy Ahmed 9 dagar sedan
Pepe most improved
Bless Nyagawa
Bless Nyagawa 9 dagar sedan
Onyemega Mixhael
Onyemega Mixhael 9 dagar sedan
Bukayo Saka deserves it
TotallyThomas 9 dagar sedan
TotallyThomas 9 dagar sedan
TotallyThomas 9 dagar sedan
Then Tierney Joined 3rd
TotallyThomas 9 dagar sedan
Then saka
TotallyThomas 9 dagar sedan
2 nd pepe
Melissa Sweeney
Melissa Sweeney 10 dagar sedan
KT By Far the best player
daniel 10 dagar sedan
OBG 10 dagar sedan
Who cares 🙄 we need to see changes big time
Ikima Nkoy
Ikima Nkoy 10 dagar sedan
It probably Harry kane
yaf yaf
yaf yaf 10 dagar sedan
Joe Klose
Joe Klose 10 dagar sedan
Pepe was good this season but It's definitely Smile Rowe for me
Ian JC
Ian JC 10 dagar sedan
JWenger 10 dagar sedan
PotatoGameplaysTV 10 dagar sedan
I choose Emile. His impact playing with first team was clear!
Rob Cant
Rob Cant 10 dagar sedan
Danielle van der Donk
Kambale Erastus
Kambale Erastus 10 dagar sedan
peperny & sakazette those two players are definitely the best
Mamadou Yacine diallo
Mamadou Yacine diallo 10 dagar sedan
Boukayo saka7
Damorocks 1
Damorocks 1 10 dagar sedan
As much as people will disagree... the best player has been Pepe. He’s not even played a whole season but has the best overall stats. If KT had played all season it would be him deffo. But it’s Pepe. No doubt about it. Saka and ESR have not made enough impact compared to Pepe.
arjay benjamin
arjay benjamin 10 dagar sedan
Tierney for me
KIRK 10 dagar sedan
Lacazette before injury
As .4k
As .4k 10 dagar sedan
It’s definitely Pepe cmon now
Andy Bernad
Andy Bernad 11 dagar sedan
For me.. I choose bukayo saka The next of wiltord We love u Arsenal I'll do
ANTENEH NEGA 11 dagar sedan
Alexander Lacazete
Corinthianalises SCCP
Corinthianalises SCCP 11 dagar sedan
martinelli goes in next season
Kevin UK
Kevin UK 11 dagar sedan
Arteta Jk, never😂
Ahmed Jinan
Ahmed Jinan 11 dagar sedan
It is Saka, but I feel it could have been Gabi if he played more
apikapik 11 dagar sedan
Hey mikel arteta 4-3-3 Aubameyang,Lacazet, wiliam/N.pepe
Kenzo Kwansa
Kenzo Kwansa 11 dagar sedan
Chelsea is officially a bigger club than us. 2x Champions League 2x Europa League 2x Premier League All in the space of a decade while we are glorifying average players who are absolutely bottling it. London is blue I accepted it now and we are to Chelsea what Spurs is to us, they are superior. I'm absolutely done with this football club and will never buy any merch from them or even watch any games where Arsenal is playing. You can go to hell with Kroenke and Manboobs Robbie Lyle. F* Arsenal
Damion Thompson
Damion Thompson 11 dagar sedan
Why do the commentators on this channel always seem so lifeless and boring?
Nana Abeyie
Nana Abeyie 11 dagar sedan
saka,smith and martinelli
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 11 dagar sedan
Lacazette deserves to be the player of the season, he has been really good from link up play,His goals he has been more clinical this season...... 💯💯💯💯💯🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Elizabeth Ekundayo
Elizabeth Ekundayo 11 dagar sedan
Sava by gaar
zachary alan
zachary alan 11 dagar sedan
im so glad petr cech is back on chelseas youtube page talking chelsea why he ever joined arsenal he wasnt even respected at arsenal i wouldnt go anywhere near your club what an absolute crap club and social media fanbase
Juice1970 Goodwin
Juice1970 Goodwin 11 dagar sedan
Saka my player
Eiad Mhr
Eiad Mhr 11 dagar sedan
Saka smith pepe
Ajibade Gospel
Ajibade Gospel 12 dagar sedan
Luke Colella
Luke Colella 12 dagar sedan
It’s Saka and ESR, if only our true captain KT didn’t get injured due to over playing
Reuben_Gilbody 12 dagar sedan
Saka for me, such a versatile player, great creativity and this season teams have been putting 2 or 3 men on him to stop him being a threat but they still couldn’t deal with him….
Gang Bang
Gang Bang 12 dagar sedan
Saka all the way he was so consistent
GATES OF ANTARES 12 dagar sedan
Lara George
Lara George 12 dagar sedan
Smith Rowe or pepe cause saka started slowing down 2 half of season and it was injured mostly and yea
David Thierry
David Thierry 12 dagar sedan
Tierney is the best
Abdi Salam
Abdi Salam 12 dagar sedan
BS7 my bwoy
SamXboxGaming 12 dagar sedan
Love the dances
JOEY-AFC LARGIE 12 dagar sedan
The owners at this club and people at the club need to start making more of an effort we are just falling apart look at what Chelsea doing we just ain't going nowhere with the kroenkes when they first took charge we was winning the big trophies and just invincibles now look where we are kroenkes sell up ❌❌❌❌ kroenke OUT
Dexter Amahwa
Dexter Amahwa 13 dagar sedan
I'll have to give Saka but i like all performances
Yelena Hammond
Yelena Hammond 13 dagar sedan
I vote for Pepe vs Sheffield United and saka v Chelsea or Willian vs Sheffield United and Pepe vs wolves.
Yelena Hammond
Yelena Hammond 13 dagar sedan
I changed my phone password to Pepe but it said it was too class 🥶🥵
Panji Adrian Irawan
Panji Adrian Irawan 13 dagar sedan
Ngozi Agyei
Ngozi Agyei 13 dagar sedan
Saka or Pepe because when they have the ball you can't touch them
Gumar Orakov
Gumar Orakov 13 dagar sedan
Difficult to choose between Saka & KT. KT is the one.
Tatu Kempf
Tatu Kempf 13 dagar sedan
Karlito Bergkamp
Karlito Bergkamp 13 dagar sedan
I have to laugh. This clubs made loads of mistakes all of which the fans have tried to be loyalty though but if Arteta is still at Arsenal come the beginning of the season it shows they owners have learnt nothing. Chelsea spent a fortune under Lampard and the basics were there but the binned him off and got a guy in who has got that squad playing brilliant football now. We’ve got a a manger who still doesn’t know his best 11 decides to play formations that are clearly questionable by the whole fan base offered mustafi a new contract and that’s all backed up with trust the process. The loss taking has to stop this season, if there’s any sign of the same issues as this season noext season four of five games in he’s got to be sacked simple as that. If they won’t sack him they need to sell up and get out as owners.
Mister 142
Mister 142 13 dagar sedan
What has Arsenal become, I don’t recognise this club, no ambition from top to bottom, I couldn’t sleep last night seeing Giroud win the champions league, after leaving us, the fact the owners don’t care hurts even more
Sy Sarka
Sy Sarka 13 dagar sedan
smith rowe dongz
SANGARA LAPORTE 13 dagar sedan
Smith Rowe is good player
Muhammad Aqid
Muhammad Aqid 13 dagar sedan
Granit xhaka so underrated
Liban Rizvi
Liban Rizvi 13 dagar sedan
Ice cold Pepito 🥶
Tom Jose
Tom Jose 13 dagar sedan
Arsenal Player of Season 2020/21: Willian
Tom Jose
Tom Jose 13 dagar sedan
Man City. have EPL & League Cup Chelsea have Champions League Leicester have FA Cup Arsenal have Arteta & Willian Manchester United have Pogba & Rashford
Osh at Large
Osh at Large 13 dagar sedan
KT or smith rowe, Saka played well during most of the season but lost his touch a little at the end
Jim Never Sleeps
Jim Never Sleeps 13 dagar sedan
Zidane just left Madrid, if you kroenkes are serious then sign him now.
Xhaka arsenal
Xhaka arsenal 13 dagar sedan
Kronke outttttt... Need owner have strong money.... Kronke outt.. Chelsea Champions league.. coke on
James 13 dagar sedan
Has to be smith rowe
Catherine Henry
Catherine Henry 13 dagar sedan
Khwezi Bonani
Khwezi Bonani 13 dagar sedan
Andrew Bademosi
Andrew Bademosi 13 dagar sedan
We have enough left footed centre back Edmond tapsoba will be a good asset and 1 right back max Aaron or triaq lamptey and 1 left back the midfielders will be camavinga, Bissoma, Jude Bellingham and Aouar and emiliano Buendia and thiago Thomas
Lautaro Martin Costello
survivor turnover
survivor turnover 13 dagar sedan
zarone z
zarone z 13 dagar sedan
Nicola Pepe👍
Familia Oviedo
Familia Oviedo 13 dagar sedan
Vamos arsenal 2022 2023 ganaremos la champions estare yo
NERF Famboljr
NERF Famboljr 13 dagar sedan
Aubameyang is the best if he scored or not scored he is the best ever
DJ Ren
DJ Ren 13 dagar sedan
I feel like Xhaka should've been included. He's been class in a lot games. Very dependable.
sabir weli
sabir weli 13 dagar sedan
Pratyush Sharma
Pratyush Sharma 13 dagar sedan
KT can be so much more influential if we have striker with great heading capabilities or box to box number 10 making late runs in box. Because playing silky passes seems surreal but sometimes you have to be ugly and play more direct instead of possession game.
Colin Searle
Colin Searle 13 dagar sedan
I would say Pepe
orevavfr 14 dagar sedan
Its probably Pepe or Laca for me
vincent saint
vincent saint 14 dagar sedan
Caessi Mulaj
Caessi Mulaj 14 dagar sedan
Ending Competitions With Trophy.
Shane Liu
Shane Liu 14 dagar sedan
Got to be Willian. I mean it didn't say player of the season "for Arsenal".
Albert Andole
Albert Andole 14 dagar sedan
For real I am in dilemma, they have been great all of them
mweatmn 14 dagar sedan
Lol, that someone thought it might be Laca. If 13 league goals as an Arsenal striker is enough to be considered its no wonder the fans are fed up.
Emmanuel Banda
Emmanuel Banda 14 dagar sedan
Saka all the way. If Arteta hadnt insisted on Willian and instead played Pepe he too would have been a serious contender
Elyknv 945
Elyknv 945 14 dagar sedan
Pepe it's best
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