'You're the Geoguessr player of the year!' | Pablo Mari & Hector Bellerin 

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Join Hector and Pablo as take on each other for a friendly game of Geoguessr.

Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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19 maj 2021



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Souhitya Sen
Souhitya Sen Timme sedan
Come on bruv! You should know the name of the famous Romanian footballer Gheorghe Hagi!
strxts 10 timmar sedan
9:07 I knew was France straight away because it looks like resistance on mw3
Tim Busenlechner
Tim Busenlechner 19 timmar sedan
That one in Austria means something where you go to look for jobs
Lou C
Lou C 22 timmar sedan
Thailand 🇹🇭 make a point
Gabbo695 Dag sedan
AMS = Austrian Job Center
Raihan Aldrin
Raihan Aldrin 3 dagar sedan
I think we must to make some TV show. That would be interesting. Its more fun than you watch your team with a bad performance.
Hubba Bubba
Hubba Bubba 3 dagar sedan
Spaget Man
Spaget Man 4 dagar sedan
Why is this so funny 😂
gert 4 dagar sedan
i watched all the ads now get bissouma
RiziarCaviar 5 dagar sedan
Why it's so laggy
Nether drAke
Nether drAke 5 dagar sedan
Cool now release bell
Sijan Thapa
Sijan Thapa 6 dagar sedan
Bellerin is British man Using slangs and all
Jeet Sinha
Jeet Sinha 6 dagar sedan
that Australia/nZ one was reaaallyy good! real close! but a very good guess
NoobThePro 6 dagar sedan
The way Bellerin's accent just changes is kinda weird
Casper Bøcher
Casper Bøcher 6 dagar sedan
3:00-3:10 HILARIOUS😂😂😂
Lee Chandler
Lee Chandler 6 dagar sedan
i thought the sri lanka one was indonesia hahaha
Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson 6 dagar sedan
Bellerin has the worst accent of all time stg
Big Has
Big Has 7 dagar sedan
Come on broo, it said Hagi on the sign, of course it's gonna be Romania XD XD XD
Adiguna Purnomo
Adiguna Purnomo 8 dagar sedan
Kovid Saraswat
Kovid Saraswat 9 dagar sedan
Nobody told them that they can move!
Rebecca 10 dagar sedan
Ayyy, Heccy content!
Joey Nadler
Joey Nadler 11 dagar sedan
I love Heccy B
Erik Franco
Erik Franco 12 dagar sedan
got Romania correct because of Hagi
C-62 12 dagar sedan
the Sheep: why on earth are they shoutin' ?
Wiilka Tolka
Wiilka Tolka 13 dagar sedan
what a joke club>
ric112 15 dagar sedan
Bellerin sounds eerily similar to Stath from Stath Lets Flats
Vishal Ramachandran
Vishal Ramachandran 16 dagar sedan
Could someone tell them that they can move around on the map and find other signs and flags close by!? 😂
AEAStudio 16 dagar sedan
Honestly I can’t even picture bellerin speaking Spanish
Fragones 123
Fragones 123 14 dagar sedan
I’m Spanish and I’ve heard him speak Spanish in the national team interviews and he sounds quite normal, but when he speaks English it sounds funny 😂
Sayantan Bose
Sayantan Bose 16 dagar sedan
No offence but thats not our map Kashmir part has been chopped out Very disappointed
Ruby Hocker
Ruby Hocker 17 dagar sedan
They're good! You can only really know it if you noticed the infrastructure of a place and have some luck.
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 18 dagar sedan
Even though Hector got 0 he showed us he's quite smart and had decent deduction skills, like the sun reference, very unlucky with some
Ethan Start
Ethan Start 18 dagar sedan
perfect linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk
James Phillips
James Phillips 18 dagar sedan
AMS is Ainsley Maitland Smiles
YouSureYouWannaFight 19 dagar sedan
Idk yeah, hector seems like an educated guy. When I saw that guy on the motorbike in the village my instinct was also to guess Indonesia (where I'm from) and it's just crazy to me that he thought to guess that
Matthew Levitt
Matthew Levitt 19 dagar sedan
You two are a disgrace to Arsenal football club. If Arteta is real ur out. End of chat.
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards 19 dagar sedan
Hector where did you get your english accent? Ha
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 20 dagar sedan
This game looks fun
Suyash Ghosh
Suyash Ghosh 20 dagar sedan
10:01 Kahmir's not included in India 🤦‍♂
kieran mcloughlin
kieran mcloughlin 20 dagar sedan
Bellerin out
Kiwilliz 20 dagar sedan
Okay that windows edit was kinda well done tho
IstraBalagina 20 dagar sedan
Hector's best performance this season
Ayush 20 dagar sedan
Lol Hector was indeed just getting grass and random streets
ninetyseventheses 20 dagar sedan
0:58 frrrr man
Belz 20 dagar sedan
"Pablo scores in the last minute" 🤣
Belajar Musik X
Belajar Musik X 21 dag sedan
Kasih kesempatan untuk pemain muda arsenal
Lar Janus
Lar Janus 21 dag sedan
How didn't they get Romania for Hagi, famous football player.
siyuan huo
siyuan huo 5 dagar sedan
@Lawrence S I'm younger than them and even I would've guessed Romania
Lawrence S
Lawrence S 15 dagar sedan
maybe theyre too young
h A
h A 21 dag sedan
tarquin45 21 dag sedan
Bellerin needs elocution lessons...
Shams Rizvi
Shams Rizvi 21 dag sedan
@7:14 Am I the only who thinks The Indian Map is controversial ? They have conveniently removed Jammu & Kashmir from our boundaries
Rice And Peas muncha
Pablo is humbled and hector is always saying my man
Nathen Solomon
Nathen Solomon 21 dag sedan
I thought bellerin was suppose to be off why is he featuring in official videos ?
Bungur48 22 dagar sedan
how can you not like heccie b man :))
Meher Abhiram
Meher Abhiram 22 dagar sedan
Man I'm ngl, we will miss Bellerin when he leaves, on and off the pitch I mean. SElosk is where I'll miss him the most though, love his accent, and such a funny guy
Shalom Saldanha
Shalom Saldanha 22 dagar sedan
He is a smart man and our longest serving player. One of the best people off the pitch
DNA Destiny
DNA Destiny 22 dagar sedan
vishal rathi
vishal rathi 22 dagar sedan
No one is gonna talk about ,jammu and kashmir not included in India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
shruthi vinod
shruthi vinod 22 dagar sedan
All I can think of is that Hector is smarttt
اسبشل ؟
اسبشل ؟ 22 dagar sedan
We don't want you here, Josh Kroenke, the Arsenal club is bigger than you
Ping gooner
Ping gooner 22 dagar sedan
wow Thailand😂😂😂
Lloyd Howe
Lloyd Howe 22 dagar sedan
We need this but with Leno and Ryan I reckon or Martinelli and Gabriel
Abu Danyal
Abu Danyal 22 dagar sedan
Bellerin please leave Arsenal football club
barberk3012 22 dagar sedan
Hector is such a loveable guy
harvey field
harvey field 22 dagar sedan
could never tell hector is spanish. speaks perfect English and got that English slang 🤣
Kelso 22 dagar sedan
Hector is high-key smart.
warambak 22 dagar sedan
ot0304 22 dagar sedan
I like these videos because the football doesn’t matter for this, like hector and pablo seem really nice guys no matter what you think of them on the pitch
oakie20 22 dagar sedan
I mean for football players not to have heard of HAGI (which was in the name of the street for Romania) is pretty disappointing... Still got love for you Hector. Do please look up Hagi though ;) his son, Ianis, currently plays for Rangers and doing quite well.
Mohamed Hashi
Mohamed Hashi 22 dagar sedan
These videos are more entertaining than the games nowadays🤷🏾‍♂️
Gooner Joe
Gooner Joe 22 dagar sedan
Deepjay Thapa
Deepjay Thapa 22 dagar sedan
Hecey b last match for gunner is this match 6-0
Alex Lambert
Alex Lambert 22 dagar sedan
this is a cool concept u should make one with other players like Smith rowe saka auba pepe or martinelli
TheAcdcnz 22 dagar sedan
What's this game called? Looks fun
Quickrant 22 dagar sedan
Hector would be such a big loss both on and off the pitch. He is such a gem and I hope he stays!
Karan Kapoor
Karan Kapoor 22 dagar sedan
Why in India's map Ladakh is not covered??
Funtobemade 22 dagar sedan
We need a rematch because you can actually move from the spot you get put at. You can move up and down the roads.
Aungpao Sa
Aungpao Sa 22 dagar sedan
Fan from thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭
FireッFisッ Ace
FireッFisッ Ace 22 dagar sedan
How is indian map half out their?
AS Beats
AS Beats 22 dagar sedan
Seems like they are targetting indian audience
Bethanie Stauffer
Bethanie Stauffer 22 dagar sedan
usa was easy even before the flag
Swetabh Singh
Swetabh Singh 22 dagar sedan
*The post is not a goal*
Charlie Simons
Charlie Simons 22 dagar sedan
hector sounds like ali g 😭😭
Rohan Majumder
Rohan Majumder 22 dagar sedan
Heccy as a professional and a person has always been great ❤️
Rohan Majumder
Rohan Majumder 22 dagar sedan
When Pablo Mari says India, it feels so good as an Indian Gooner ❤️
Rohan Majumder
Rohan Majumder 18 dagar sedan
@Saint Totteringham yep
Saint Totteringham
Saint Totteringham 18 dagar sedan
@Rohan Majumder Yes man, I don't expect it from a class club like Arsenal. Maybe they will correct it or something.
Rohan Majumder
Rohan Majumder 18 dagar sedan
@Saint Totteringham ofcourse not..idk why that happened..but just looks like something else with a major chunk just cropped off
Saint Totteringham
Saint Totteringham 18 dagar sedan
Do you feel proud with that depiction of the Indian map?
3308 พงศกร
3308 พงศกร 23 dagar sedan
555. เบเรอริน เห็นแค่1วิรู้เลยว่าประเทศไทย. Thailand
emre99 23 dagar sedan
Hector deffo plays geoguessr, cambodia and that
Akmal Zurusdi
Akmal Zurusdi 23 dagar sedan
Wow Hector's knowledge is awesome
Dillon summers
Dillon summers 23 dagar sedan
Maris English is actually really good!
Gary Hooper
Gary Hooper 17 dagar sedan
He played for City for a while
Vindfeld 23 dagar sedan
8:35 racism from Bellerin HAAHHAHAH
Devanshu Bharadwaj
Devanshu Bharadwaj 23 dagar sedan
Where's Kashmir region of India on the map..
Pray D
Pray D 23 dagar sedan
Heccy is smart man
emptybagswag 23 dagar sedan
I didn't know other people played Geoguessr! Its so fun!
spike acosta
spike acosta 23 dagar sedan
Heccy Forever
Jinzo 23 dagar sedan
Normal ca e o 1310 paracata undeva.
Amaan Kaleem
Amaan Kaleem 23 dagar sedan
maungtea 23 dagar sedan
Arsenal and Chelsea have no sense of humanity 👎👎..
aswinking10 23 dagar sedan
Best content of the season imo
Kate White
Kate White 23 dagar sedan
Arsenal have the best media
Ryan Molstad
Ryan Molstad 23 dagar sedan
its kinda sad that the best thing Arsenal does is social media
Arush 23 dagar sedan
yessss martinelli
Mateusz 23 dagar sedan
3:54 🇵🇱
mrbrownasian_01 23 dagar sedan
Sri Lankaaaaaa
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